MA in Administration and Supervision for Changing Populations

Course Descriptions

This program helps transform classroom teachers into school administration leaders.  Teachers will develop the ability to communicate, plan for and manage change in today’s dynamic multicultural environment.  Upon completion of the program, 18 credits may apply toward the Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership for Changing Populations.

Curriculum (36 Credits)

EDU-557 Leadership Seminar I (3)
EDU-567 Learning Theory and Practice (3)
EDU-543 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Educational Research (3)
EDU-563 Curriculum Development (3)
EDU-560 Legal Issues for Teachers and Administrators (3)
EDU-697 Language and Intercultural Communication for Changing Populations (3)
EDU-676 Educational Applications of Multimedia (3)
EDU-569 Supervision: Empowering Teachers (3)
EDU-674 Global and International Perspectives in Education (3)
EDU-698 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity (3)
EDU-688 Practicum: School Administration and Supervision I (3)
EDU-690 Practicum: School Administration and Supervision II (3)

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Course Descriptions

Education Course Descriptions

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