Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Latin

Course descriptions

The Latin certificate offers students an opportunity to pursue their interest in the Latin language and Classical culture, history and literature.

Notre Dame also offers study tours to countries once controlled by Rome. Credits earned for these tours may be applied toward the certificate, provided that the focus of the tour is related either to the Latin language or to ancient civilization.

Applicants must have adequate proficiency in Latin. All of the requirements for the certificate must be completed within four years from the date of admission. Courses are offered primarily in the summer, some on Saturdays. Fifteen of the 18 credits must be completed at Notre Dame; three credits may be transferred into this program.

Courses taken for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate may be applied toward the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program; or 12 of the credits may be used for a Latin Concentration within the Master of Arts in Leadership in Teaching program.

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Curriculum for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Latin (18 Credits)

Required courses
LCL-544 History of Classical Scholarship (3)
LLT-561 Latin Composition (3)

The remaining 12 credits may be chosen from the following electives
LLT-571 Roman Literature and Society (3)
LLT-572 Letters of Cicero and Pliny (3)
LLT-574 Evolution of Latin Literature I (3)
LLT-575 Evolution of Latin Literature II (3)
LLT-580 Aspects of Roman Culture (3)
LLT-585 Readings in the Roman Historians (3)
LLT-587 Fall of the Roman Republic (3)
LLT-590 Poetry of the Augustan Age (3)
LCL-541 Classical Mythology and Its Influence (3)
LCL-542 The Classical Tradition (3)
LCL-555 Cinema and Classics (3)
LLT-525 Master Latin Teacher Workshop (3)

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LLT-102 Beginning Latin II

Examines various aspects of the Latin language and Roman culture through a kind of soap opera involving a fictitious Roman family of the first century A.D.  Students meet for three hours a week and spend an additional hour each week in the Language Learning Center.  This is the second of a three-semester sequence that fulfills the general education requirement in language. Prerequisite: LLT-101 or placement test. [3 credits]  (Offered fall 2016)

LLT-103 Intermediate Latin

Introduces students to some major Latin authors, while reviewing basic vocabulary and syntax. Special emphasis will be placed on the uses of the subjunctive. Students meet for three hours a week and spend an additional hour each week in the Language Learning Center.  Fulfills the general education language requirement. Prerequisite: LLT 102 or placement test. [3 credits]  (Offered spring 2017)

LLT-465 Directed Readings: Ovid

Allows advanced Latin students to join high school Latin teachers on six Saturdays and online in reading and interpreting selections from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Amores, Tristia and other works in the original Latin, supplemented by commentaries in English.  [3 credits] (Offered fall 2016)

LLT-511 Topics in Latin Literature: Aeneid and De Bello Gallico

Examines selections in Latin from Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Students meet face-to-face for a full day on six Saturdays during the semester and contribute to forums on Joule in weeks where there is no class meeting.  [3 credits]  (Offered spring 2017)