Special Education (Dual Certification)

Special Education - CAUS.

Elementary Education/Liberal Studies

The Elementary Education/Liberal Studies Major provides a balanced program of liberal arts courses in a variety of academic fields, a planned sequence of professional courses, and practical field experiences that culminate in an extended teaching internship experience. Completion of the program qualifies graduates for Maryland State Department Certification in Elementary Education. Each student works closely with an academic advisor to ensure that the student obtains all the credits needed for the degree, as well as the requirements of the State Department of Education for Certification in Elementary Education. All students must complete the Application for Teacher Education through the School of Education prior to methods courses. Women's College students interested in Elementary Education are encouraged to declare the Elementary Education/Liberal Studies Major in spring semester of the first year.

For students in CAUS, the practical field experiences, including the teaching internship, are the only parts of the Program of Study offered during the day. These must be taken during the academic year when elementary schools are in session. The teaching internship must be completed in the fall semester.

Elementary Education with Dual Certification in Special Education

Required Courses

The following courses are available to the student seeking to meet the course requirements for Maryland Certification in Special Education in addition to Certification through the approved program in Elementary Education. The student interested in pursuing this option is advised to begin coursework in the first year and to follow carefully the sequence outlined by her advisor. Students working toward dual certification will use special education courses in place of electives. They will take the Liberal Studies and Elementary Education courses listed previously and an additional 24 credits in Special Education. The student teaching experience can be accomplished during the same semester as the Elementary Education student teaching. More than 120 credits are needed to graduate with dual certification.

Professional Courses

          SPE-337 Communication Skills for the Special Educator (3)
          SPE-321 Methods of Teaching Students with Special Needs (3)
          SPE-344 Assessment in Special Education (3)
          SPE-373 Field Experience in Special Education (3)
          SPE-421 Elementary Curriculum Design and Adaptation (3)
          SPE-422 Secondary Curriculum Design and Adaptation (for students seeking secondary certification only) (3)
          SPE-475 Student Teaching in Special Education (Student teaching fee required) (6)

Transportation is required for method labs, field experiences and internships.

Elementary Education/Liberal Studies and Special Education Certification Four-Year Plan

Below is a sample Program of Study for the Women's College student enrolled in the Elementary Education/Liberal Studies with Special Education Certification Major. Students should select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Fall   Spring  
First year      
IDS-100 Perspectives on Education 3 Chemistry or Physical Science 4
ENG-101 College Writing 3 English Literature 3
Physical Science or Biology 4 EDU-303 Elementary Reading Materials 3
Mathematics (120, 121, 122, 125) 3 MUS-202 Music for Teachers 3
Foreign Language 3 SPE-201 Introduction to Special Education 3
[16 credits]   Physical Education 1
    [17 credits]  
Second year      
Physical Science or Biology 4 ART-208 Creative Arts 3
EDU-357 Processes and Acquisition/Reading 3 Mathematics (120, 121, 122, 125) 3
Philosophy (200-level) 3 Sociology 3
COM-206 Public Speaking 3 GEO-206 Geography 3
SPE-344 Assessment Special Education 3 SPE-337 Communication Skills for Teachers 3
[16 credits]   RST-201 Introduction to Biblical Studies 3
    [18 credits]  
Pass PRAXIS Core before methods classes
Third year      
SPE-321 Methods of Teaching Students 
with Special Needs
3 EDU-309/310 Methods:  
PSY-203 Child/Adolescent Development 3 Reading in Elem. School 3
Special Education 3 Mathematics in Elem. School 3
EDU-301 Educational Psychology 3 EDU-307/312 Methods:  
Mathematics (120, 121, 122, 125) 3 Social Studies in Elem. School 3
[15 credits]   Science in Elem. School 3
    [12 credits]  
Fourth year      
EDU-411 Internship: Teaching in the Elementary School 10 English Literature 3
SPE-475 Internship: Teaching Special Education 6 EDU-402 Am. Ed. in History 3
[16 credits]   EDU-460 Assessment of Reading 3
    Religious Studies (300) 3
    History 3
    Mathematics (120, 121, 122, 125) 3
    [18 credits]  

This Program requires that students complete courses during the Winterim session - 

First-Year Winterim: EDU-300 Technology for Management and Instruction
Second-Year Winterim: EDU-252 Clinical Field Experience: Elementary
Third-Year Winterim: SPE-373 Field Experience: Special Education
Fourth-Year Winterim: Philosophy 300- or 400-level course