MA in Leadership in Special Education: Administration or Exceptionalities

Course Descriptions

The Master of Arts in Leadership in Special Education provides a program of advanced study for professionals who wish to become supervisors or administrators with the commitment and skills to become effective instructional leaders in inclusive school environments. Through advanced study in leadership, pedagogy and literacy, the program requires the student to develop essential competencies in these areas as they pertain to diverse learners.

Program of Study

Curriculum (36 Credits)

Required Courses (21 Credits)
EDU-543     Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Educational Research (3)
EDU-556     Technology for Instruction and Management (3)
EDU-557     Leadership Seminar I (3)
EDU-560     Legal Issues for Teachers and Administrators (3)
EDU-567     Learning Theory and Practice (3)
EDU-569     Supervision: Empowering Teachers (3)
SPE-518      Behavior Is Language (3)

Choose one Track:

Administration and Supervision (15 Credits)
EDU-563      Curriculum Development (3)
EDU-688      Practicum: School Administration & Supervision I (3)
EDU-690      Practicum: School Administration & Supervision II (3)
SPE-531       Autism and Asperger’s Disorder (3)
SPE-533       Understanding Aggression (3)

Exceptionalities (15 Credits) all online

Select five of the following:
EDON-511    Harassment, Bullying & Cyber Intimidation (3)
EDON-526    Violence in the School (3)
EDON-525    Traumatized Child (3)
EDON-530    Differentiated Instruction (3)
SPE-530       Attention Deficit Disorder (3)
SPE-533       Understanding Aggression (3)
SPE-531       Autism and Asperger’s Disorder (3)

Course Descriptions

Education Course Descriptions

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