Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Leadership and Management

Course descriptions

In a fast-paced world, competitive organizations require good management and strong leadership at every level. The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Leadership and Management is designed for those interested in leadership as a core practice and in mastering challenges and effecting change while acting from an ethical base. Management and leadership are closely related, but they are distinguishable. Both entail influencing others and effectively accomplishing goals. Management is commonly seen in terms of reducing chaos in organizations and running them more effectively and efficiently through planning and budgeting, organizing and staffing, controlling and problem solving. Leadership, on the other hand, is concerned with establishing direction, aligning people as well as motivating, empowering, and inspiring individuals and teams. It has been said that leaders are focused on doing the right things, whereas managers are concerned with doing things right. Today's organizations need individuals who can effectively lead and manage.

Courses required for the certificate may be applied to the Master of Arts in Leadership and Management. However, students may not combine the certificate with the principled leadership concentration in the M.A. program. Students pursuing both the certificate and the degree program must select an alternate concentration or individualized specialization that does not include the leadership courses in the certificate program.

Courses are available online and face-to-face at the Northeast Maryland Higher Education Center and the Charles Street main campus.

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Curriculum (18 Credits)

Required Courses:

BUS-501 Managing in a Complex Environment (3)
PHL-521 Ethical Issues in Leadership (3)
BUS-558 Leadership and Leading (3)

Choose three courses from the following:

BUS-552 Leadership's Dark Side (3)
BUS-562 Leading Organizational Change (3)
BUS-640 Leading Projects in Contemporary Organizations (3)
BUS-559 Lateral Leadership (3)
BUS-580 Coached Leadership Practicum

No more than 9 credits from the MA in Leadership and Management program may be applied to the completion of the Leadership and Management certificate.

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Course Descriptions

Refer to the Master of Arts in Leadership and Management section in the catalog for course descriptions.

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