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Women's College

Program of Study
Course Descriptions

Mischelle L. Van Brakle,  Coordinator of the Minor

The sociology program in the School of Arts and Sciences offers a minor in sociology to Women’s College students. The scientific study of society, sociology examines the interworkings of different social institutions, the order of social interaction in groups, and the politics of social reality. Many sociologists address social problems such as crime, education, poverty, immigration, institutional discrimination and prejudice. . The sociology program provides students with a perspective on the world best described as sociological mindfulness or, put simply, a way to tune in to the social world. It gives students the opportunity to investigate society and better understand their respective roles in it.

Offered as a minor and as a foundationfor the criminology major, the sociology curriculum provides both a micro- and macro- perspective on society. Its courses expose students to peer-reviewed research based on surveys, field work, comparative/historical reviews and experimentation.

A sociology minor is an excellent way to round out the student’s experience at Notre Dame. Sociology courses that satisfy the general education requirement in social science: SOC-101. Sociology courses that fulfill the requirement for cross-cultural studies: CRM-209. Sociology courses that fulfill the requirement for gender: SOC-215.

All courses credited toward the minor must be completed with a C grade or higher.

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Program of Study

The minor in sociology consists of seven courses as indicated below.

Minor in Sociology

Required courses
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOC-209 Race, Class and Gender (3)
PSY-210 Research Methods I (4)
SOC-350 Social Theory (3)

Two electives chosen from
CRM-101 Introduction to Criminology (3)
SOC-202 Sociology of the Family (3)
SOC-215 Gender Roles or SOC-271 Honors: Sociology of Gender Roles (3)
SOC-220 Self and Society (3)
SOC-222 Social Problems or SOC-371 Honors: Social Problems (3)
SOC-231 Medicine and Society (3)
SOC-250 Sociology of Sport (3)
SOC-315 Sociology of Law (3)
SOC-340 Sociology of Deviance (3)
SOC-360 Sociology of Work (3)
SOC-390 Sociology of Education (3)
PSY-340 Quantitative Methods (4)

One senior experience chosen from
SOC-411 Advanced Topics in Sociology (3)
CRM-461 Criminology Practicum (4)
SOC-463 Sociology Independent Study (3)

Note: Those who wish to major in criminology and minor in sociology must take three elective sociology courses instead of two due to the overlapping requirements of SOC-101, SOC-209, and PSY-210. The electives cannot have a dual purpose of also fulfilling the electives used for the criminology major. A separate Senior Experience course also should be chosen to fulfill the requirement for a minor in sociology. For example, if SOC-411 serves to fulfill the senior elective for the criminology major, it cannot also be used to fulfill the elective for the sociology minor. Please contact the faculty advisor to tailor an appropriate course schedule.

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See psychology and criminology sections for PSY and CRM course descriptions.


SOC-209 Race, Class and Gender

Explores the intersecting systems of inequality, race, ethnicity, social class and gender. Examines the construction of identity categorizations and links them to our current experiences and conceptions of self. Covers the nature of privilege and its reproduction in social institutions such as the workplace, education, and the criminal justice system. Fulfills general education requirements in social science and cross-cultural studies. Prerequisite: SOC-101 or permission of instructor. [3 credits]