DRM-240 Acting Techniques

    Helps students develop their acting potential and sharpen their skills in interpreting scripts through individual and group exercises, improvisations, monologues and scene studies. Central to the conduct of the course will be relaxation and breathing exercises, oral projection, movement and gesture. Fulfills general education requirement in fine arts. [3 credits]

    DRM-245 Directing Techniques

    Explores fundamentals of script analysis, conceptualization, visualization, composition, blocking and the role of theatre director. Practical application of learned techniques and completed playbook are required. Students are encouraged to direct productions of original student work and actively participate in campus productions. Fulfills general education requirement in fine arts. [3 credits]

    DRM-320 Techniques in Theater Practice

    Focuses on particular aspects of theatre: voice, movement, stage combat, improvisation, period acting, makeup techniques, costume design, lighting design, set design or other elements. Practical application of the selected element or elements leads students to develop expertise in the area on which they are focusing. Design courses entail both design technique and practical application. A course focused on acting practices requires reading, research and application techniques in a theatre environment. This is an upper-division course in theatre practice, allowing students to achieve competence in a particular area of theatre. For classes in various acting techniques, DRM-240 is recommended. [3 credits]

    DRM-411 Topics: Drama

    Provides students with the opportunity for an in-depth study of drama, stage craft, author(s), and/or techniques.

    DRM-427 London Theater Tour

    Provides students with an opportunity to experience English life in the city and country; see professional plays; visit museums, cathedrals, and other places of interest in and around London; visit beautiful English towns such as Bath, Stratford, Salisbury, and Windsor. Organized and directed by English departmental faculty. Offered during Winterim. Satisfies cross-cultural studies requirement. [ 3 credits ]