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Certificate of Advanced Study in Education

Program of Study
Course Descriptions

Program of Study

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Education (CASE) in Instructional Leadership is a 30-credit program for experienced educators who have completed a master’s degree. The program provides advanced studies in leadership, curriculum and pedagogy. Through a curriculum designed to integrate theory and practice, educators acquire or enhance skills that will meet the needs of future educational leadership.


This program consists of six 600-level courses and four electives. Electives may be taken in a student's area of special interest.

600-Level Courses (18 Credits)

Select from among the following:
EDU-555 Tools for Innovative Leadership (3)
EDU-622 Education Policy Analysis (3)
EDU-647 Learning and the Brain (3)
EDU-660 Legal Issues II (3)
EDU-672 Changing School Population In Historical Perspective (3)
EDU-674 Global and International Perspectives In Education (3)
EDU-675 Democracy and Education: Philosophical Perspectives (3)
EDU-676 Educational Applications of Multimedia (3)
EDU-697 Language and Intercultural Communication for Changing Populations (3)
EDU-698 Linguistic and Cultural Diversity (3)

Electives (12 Credits)
Areas of special interest are available in reading; administration and supervision, special education; global and multicultural education; curriculum planning; TESOL; historical, philosophical, and psychological perspectives; management; technology; marketing; and public relations.

Course Descriptions

Education Course Descriptions