Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance (or financial aid budget) is a combination of direct expenses (such as tuition and fees) and indirect expenses (such as books and personal expenses) that a student will have. Each student’s actual expenses may vary, but cost of attendance provides an estimate of the cost of attending Notre Dame of Maryland University for an academic year.

Cost of attendance is determined using a formula established by the U.S. Congress. All expenses are for the nine-month school year (with the exception of P2 and P4 pharmacy students who have a longer academic year). The costs are subject to change without notice.

The Office of Financial Aid uses average budgets to calculate financial aid. Average budgets are based on a student's anticipated average enrollment. A student cannot receive more than the cost of attendance from any combination of institutional, federal, state, or private funding source. This includes merit and need-based aid as well as tuition remission, VA benefits and ROTC awards.

Average enrollment is based on semester credits and is outlined below.

  Women's College & CAUS
Full Time (F) 12 Credits or more
Three-Quarter Time (Q) * 9-11 Credits
Half Time (H) 6-8 Credits
Less than Half Time (L) 5 Credits or below

* Three Quarter Time Enrollment only impacts Pell eligible undergraduate students.  

Please be advised that students who are less than half time are not eligible for financial aid with the exception of Pell Grant. 

2016–17 Estimated Cost of Attendance  

Women’s College Students

Based on Full Time Enrollment

COA Component Resident Living with Parents Off Campus
(Dependent Student)
Off Campus
(Independent Student)
Tuition $33,785 $33,785 $33,785 $33,785
Activity Fee $1,234 $1,234 $1,234 $1,234
Room and Board
$11,446 N/A N/A N/A
Living Expenses
N/A $1,060 $4,770 $15,100
Books and Supplies* $1,200 $1,200 $1,200 $1,200
Transportation* $636 $1,590 $1,590 $2,120
Personal Expenses* $530 $530 $530 $1,600
Loan Fees $50 $50 $50 $50
TOTAL $48,881 $39,449 $43,159 $55,089

CAUS Students

Based on Half Time Enrollment

COA Component

Independent Student
Living Off Campus 

Dependent Student
Living Off Campus 
Dependent Student 
Living with Parents
Tuition $6,000 $6,000 $6,000
Registration Fee $300 $300 $300
Living Expenses
$15,100 $4,770 $1,060
Books and Supplies* $600 $600 $600
Personal Expenses & Transportation* $3,720 $2,120 $2,120
Loan Fees $50 $50 $50
TOTAL $25,770 $13,840 $10,130

*These expenses vary from student to student and will NOT be charged on Notre Dame's bill.