Winterim Aid

Winterim enrollment will be combined with spring enrollment for the purposes of determining financial aid eligibility (no form is required to notify us).

The Registrar's Office does not consider the combined enrollment for reporting purposes. Therefore a student taking 3 credits in the winterim and 3 credits in the spring will be reported as less than half time and will no longer be eligible for an automatic in-school deferment for loans. However, students in this situation may request that the Office of Financial Aid complete a deferment request form (the student must obtain the form from the loan servicer).

The office of financial aid does not advance bookstore money for the winterim.

Women’s College students: In order to maintain eligibility for institutional aid, students must enroll in at least 12 credits in the spring semester alone. Additional credits may be added for winterim enrollment, but students cannot combine winter and spring credits to achieve full time enrollment and receive institutional funds(example: 3 credits in winterim and 9 credits in the spring would be ineligible for institutional aid).

A student’s performance in winterim will be included in the satisfactory academic progress calculation. Students completing a short-time study abroad in the winterim must fill out a Study Abroad Form to request an increase in cost of attendance for additional loans.