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Financial Aid

Notre Dame of Maryland University offers a comprehensive program of need-based and merit-based financial assistance. It is designed to help students and families cover the difference between the amount they are able to pay and the total cost of attending Notre Dame. According to federal guidelines, parents of traditional-aged students assume the primary responsibility for the educational expenses of the students; it is also understood that students have responsibility to help pay for their education. For adult learners, federal guidelines state that students assume primary responsibility for their own educational expenses.

Financial aid is provided through scholarships, grants, loans and paid employment, which may be offered to students singly or in combinations called financial aid packages. The sources of such funds are the federal government, state agencies, private foundations, corporations, educational institutions and Notre Dame of Maryland University.

The office of financial aid website, www.ndm.edu/financialaid, provides detailed and up to date information on the types of aid available, how to apply, eligibility requirements, policies and procedures, external scholarships for students, deadlines, a checklist, contact information and more.

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