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Study Abroad

Notre Dame of Maryland University is committed to providing all students an educational experience that is truly international. Students are encouraged to include study abroad in their educational program while at the University. Study in another culture will enrich students' academic study and can help them develop an international perspective, intercultural and linguistic skills, and a sense of global responsibility.

Notre Dame sponsors 36 semester and 22 summer programs in more than 40 cities in 30 countries through various exchange agreements and academic consortia arrangements. Students who participate in these sponsored programs earn Notre Dame credit for course work. Grades and credits are reported on the students’ Notre Dame transcripts and calculated in their GPA. Where possible, study abroad courses may be used to fulfill requirements in the major and general education. Students who qualify for federal, state or institutional aid may apply that aid to Notre Dame-sponsored programs.

In addition, short-term academic programs abroad are regularly offered during the Winterim and summer terms. These ten-day to three-week courses, taught by Notre Dame faculty, normally carry three credits. Students who are full-time in both the fall and spring semesters are permitted to choose either a Winterim course or a summer short-term academic program abroad without incurring additional tuition charges. Eligible part-time students will be awarded a half-tuition scholarship to be used for one Notre Dame-sponsored short-term academic program abroad. To be eligible part-time undergraduate students must have matriculated at Notre Dame of Maryland University; successfully completed at least 15 credits at the University; and have earned a GPA of at least 2.5. To be eligible, part-time graduate students must have matriculated at Notre Dame of Maryland University; successfully completed at least 12 credits; and have earned a GPA of at least 3.0.   Interested students should consult WebAdvisor and contact the faculty member assigned to the course.

Notre Dame students may apply for permission to participate in study abroad programs not sponsored by the University. Coursework completed as part of a non-sponsored program in which a student earns a grade of C (or better) will be posted to the student's Notre Dame transcript as transfer credit and will not be calculated in the GPA. Courses taken as part of non-sponsored study abroad programs may not be used to fulfill general education or major requirements. Exceptions to this policy are granted only in special circumstances and prior approval must be obtained. Students who qualify for federal aid may apply that aid to non-sponsored study abroad programs.

Students who wish to participate in semester or summer programs must meet the following requirements: have completed 30 credits at the time they apply; have declared a major; and have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 (There are select programs that require a GPA of 3.0.  Please look at the program listing for details.). Transfer students must have completed one semester at Notre Dame before they can apply. (Some programs have additional requirements.) Because of the time required to obtain transcripts of courses taken abroad, students may not study abroad during their last semester at Notre Dame.

Deadlines for filing applications for study abroad are September 16 for Winterim and the spring semester and February 24 for the summer term and fall semester. The director of study abroad can assist students in planning international study, internships, volunteer and work abroad programs. Interested students are encouraged to investigate the many opportunities available by contacting the office of international programs (410-532-3183) or by browsing the website at ndm.edu.

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Service Abroad

Service abroad is a partnership between Notre Dame of Maryland University and the School Sisters of Notre Dame. This partnership brings together Notre Dame’s vision to serve and to prepare globally-aware citizens with the School Sisters’ world-wide mission to strive for social justice by serving the poor through teaching, education, health care, community building and pastoral ministries. Participants become rapidly integrated into the community and experience the culture, poverty, social and economic problems on a more personal level. This develops their understanding, cultural sensitivity and empathy.  Service Abroad trips are available for Peru and Brazil.  The application deadline is November 15.  Students interested should contact the office of international programs.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Students who have successfully attended Notre Dame of Maryland University for one full academic year
  • Weekend College students who have successfully completed fifteen credit hours
  • Graduate students

What are the requirements to participate and how do I apply?

In order to participate in the Service Abroad, students must submit an application explaining why she chose to participate in the program. Good health and emotional maturity, a working knowledge of the language, as well as approval from the Coordinating Committee are also mandatory. 

For Peru: One recommendation from a faculty member; one recommendation from staff or administrator; fluency in Spanish; and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 are also required.  The Peru service abroad program runs for five weeks (estimated). 

For Brazil: One recommendation from the Director of Tesol (if applicant is a Tesol student); one recommendation from the student’s Academic Advisor; a cumulative GPA of 2.75 for undergraduate participants and a cumulative GPA of 3.2 for graduate students is required. The Brazil service abroad program runs for four-five weeks (estimated).  Participants become classroom teaching assistants in English as a second language at a school in San Paulo.  These students are expected to live with the SSND's during their stay in Sao Paulo.  No knowledge of Portuguese is required, although it is useful for the candidates to know some Spanish to facilitate communications.  No teaching experience is required, but grammatically correct English, both oral and written, is expected. 

Is this a credit-bearing course?

Participation in the Service Abroad program may earn the student up to four credits. The first credit (IDS-310L-01) is offered during the Spring semester and prepares students in the history, politics, and culture of Peru or Brazil (depends on the program the student is participating in).  The class meets for an hour every other week depending on student and professor availability. The remaining three credits are earned during the Service Abroad portion of the program.  

How is the course financed?

Service Abroad trips follow the same protocol for funding as Study Abroad trips. Funding will come from the student, Service Abroad program, and through scholarships. The student will be solely responsible for costs relating to travel, health insurance, personal needs, recreation , gifts, and sight-seeing. After scholarship monies are awarded, the average total cost of a Service Abroad trip is between $500 and $1,000

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International Education Internship

The deadline for the below programs is November 15.  Interested students should contact S. Catherine Sarther (csarther@ndm.edu) or the office of international programs.

Hungary and Austria, Fall semester

After ten weeks of student teaching in the United States students travel to Europe to assist with English teaching in an elementary school in Makó, Hungary (3 weeks). The school in Hungary participates in a European Union program, Content and Language Integrated Learning, that opens the doors of language leaning for a broad range of learners. (Web site: http://www.szignum.hu)  After three weeks the students travel to a multilevel school in Vienna, Austria.  Here they spend another three weeks assisting with English classes and providing opportunities for secondary students to practice conversing with a native speaker of English. (3 weeks) (Web site: http://www.schulefriesgasse.at

Housing is provided by the School Sisters of Notre Dame at each site.  Students are responsible for:  travel to and from Europe, personal expenses while in Europe, non-resident students -- $600-800 room and board for six weeks in Hungary and Austria. 

Cape Coast, Ghana, Fall semester

After ten weeks of student teaching in the United States students travel to Africa to complete their student teaching internship at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School in Cape Coast, Ghana.  The school welcomes students of varied abilities ranging from academically gifted to those with learning disabilities.  Students come from a variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds.  Following a curriculum outline by the Ghana Ministry of Education, the school prepares students to take the national exams at the completion of Junior High School. (Web site: http://www.wix.com/mqpcs1066/maryqueenofpeacecatholicschool

Housing is provided by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Cape Coast.  Students are responsible for:  travel to and from Ghana, personal expenses while in Europe, non-resident student -- $600-800 for room and board for six weeks in Cape Coast, Ghana, West Africa.  In addition students need a tourist visa for Ghana (currently $60) and immunizations (yellow fever, malaria, check with the Center for Disease Control web site).

International Students

Notre Dame values the contribution international students make to the community and welcomes applications from these students. In the 2010-11 academic year, approximately 300 students representing almost 30 different countries attended the University’s undergraduate, graduate, Pharmacy and English Language Institute programs. Programs and services for international students include the English Language Institute, orientation, immigration counseling and a voluntary mentor/mentee program. For information on applying as an international student, see the admissions section. Notre Dame also offers special credit-bearing courses in various disciplines for international students and second language learners.

For more information on international programs at Notre Dame of Maryland University, contact the office of international programs at 410-532-3183.

English Language Institute (ELI)

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers an intensive English program to women and men from around the world who seek to improve their English language skills for academic, career or personal pursuits. International students at Notre Dame are also invited to take courses in the ELI to supplement their learning at the University. Students can study full-time or part-time and take courses in listening, speaking, reading, writing, TOEFL preparation, IELTS preparation, vocabulary, pronunciation, and advanced skills through language and culture. The ELI also sponsors the Spanish Language and Culture Program (now a credit bearing course) that teaches both the Spanish language and Latino culture to those who work with or will work with the Latino community.  If you are interested in learning more about the ELI or would like to volunteer and get involved, please email eli@ndm.edu or call 410-532-5566.

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