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The Certificate of Advanced Study in Education (CASE) in Instructional Leadership is a 30-credit Program of Study for experienced educators who have completed a Master’s degree.  The program provides advanced studies in leadership, curriculum, and pedagogy. Through a curriculum designed to integrate theory and practice, educators acquire or enhance skills that will meet the needs of future educational leadership.


This Program of Study consists of six, 600-level Core courses and four electives. Electives may be taken in a student’s area of special interest. Students must maintain a B average to be awarded a CASE Certificate.

600-Level Core Courses (18 credits)

Select from among the following:

          EDU-622     Education and Policy Analysis for Changing Schools (3)
          EDU-624     Dialects in American Schools (3)
          EDU-647     Learning, Language and the Brain (3)
          EDU-660     Legislative and Legal Decisions Affecting Changing School Populations (3)
          EDU-672     Changing School Population in Historical Perspective (3)
          EDU-674     Global and International Perspectives in Education (3)
          EDU-675     Democracy and Education: Philosophical Perspectives (3)
          EDU-676     Educational Applications of Multimedia (3)  OR
          EDU-665     Digital Game Based Learning and Design (3)
          EDU-697     Language and Intercultural Communication for Changing Populations (3)
          EDU-698     Linguistic and Cultural Diversity (3)

Electives (12 Credits)

Areas of special interest are available in Reading, Administration and Supervision, Special Education, Global and Multicultural Education, Curriculum Planning, TESOL, Historical, Philosophical, and Psychological Perspectives, Management, Technology, Marketing, and Public Relations.

The CASE Program is flexible and the required courses in the Program of Study can be modified by the Advisor to allow students to obtain Certification in the following areas:

      • Administration and Supervision
      • Gifted and Talented Education
      • Library Media
      • Mathematics Instructional Leadership, Grades K-6 or Grades 4-9
      • Reading Specialist
      • Special Education
      • STEM, Grades preK-6
      • TESOL
      • Spanish