Academic Information

Notre Dame of Maryland University offers two divisions of undergraduate study:  The Women's College and the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies.

Women's College

The Women's College accommodates the needs and interests of women who can study full-time. Women's College students who may be first-time or returning college students, transfer students, residents or commuters, are offered encouragement and direction in an atmosphere that promotes individual growth and development. Although the majority of students study on a full-time basis, students have the opportunity to enroll in the Women's College program on a part-time basis as well. Women's College students can earn the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree in 28 major fields of study and a variety of double major and dual degree programs.

Women's College students benefit from an all-women's academic environment, where many students thrive, excelling academically and professionally. Independent research demonstrates students in women's colleges are more engaged in academics than their female counterparts at co-educational institutions, they are more likely to complete a degree in the sciences, and they are more likely to assume leadership positions during their careers.

For more information, call 410-532-5330 or 800-435-0200, email admiss@ndm.edu, or visit https://www.ndm.edu/womens-college.

College of Adult Undergraduate Studies (CAUS)

In 2011, Notre Dame launched the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies (CAUS). Utilizing the expertise in adult education developed through more than 35 years of Weekend College programming, and incorporating the flexibility and convenience of the Accelerated College, CAUS brings even more academic options to working professionals seeking personal and career growth through lifelong education.

CAUS programs are based on the reality that adults learn best in an environment that considers their needs and life responsibilities. Students will find a flexible schedule allowing them to work around other priorities such as employment and home life. With rigorous, high-quality academic programs rooted in the liberal arts, an emphasis on career advancement, extraordinary opportunities for leadership, and attention to ethical and spiritual development, CAUS students experience an education that benefits them intellectually, professionally, socially and spiritually.

CAUS encourages students to learn at their own pace, studying in a variety of formats that include both accelerated courses that run from four to ten weeks and semester-long courses. CAUS offers face-to-face as well as online options, and courses that meet evenings, Saturdays and even weekdays. With four semesters each year, and concentrated sessions in the winter and summer, students may complete as few as three credits per year or as many as 30 credits.

Students may also study in a cohort, a group of 20 to 25 students who advance through the program together and ultimately graduate together. Cohorts take one course at a time, while studying year round. This cohort structure provides an embedded support system that keeps each adult student motivated toward degree completion. Classes meet the same day and time throughout the program, as professors use a proven curriculum emphasizing experiential learning that is relevant to today's workplace issues.

CAUS offers eleven Majors and a variety of Minors, as well as several Certificate programs. Baccalaureate programs in Business, Education and Nursing are offered through the cohort model. Students may also pursue a bachelor's degree outside the cohort model in Business, Computer Information Systems, Interactive Communication Strategies, Criminology, Education, Liberal Arts, Religious Studies and Radiological Sciences.

Cohorts are conveniently hosted at several locations: The main campus on North Charles Street, the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center, Arundel Mills and Arnold in Anne Arundel County, Laurel College Center in Prince George's County, College of Southern Maryland–Prince Frederick Campus and employer worksites.

For information on the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies, call 410-532-5500, email caus@ndm.edu or visit https://www.ndm.edu/caus.