Communication and Confidentiality

Students must check their Notre Dame e-mail for communications from the Office of Financial Aid.

When students contact the Office of Financial Aid using their personal account (non Notre Dame email account), the response will be sent to the student's Notre Dame email account. 

Students must use Web Advisor to monitor the amounts and status of their financial aid awards.

Students must contact the IT Department at 410-532-5200 for problems accessing Notre Dame email or WebAdvisor. 

Confidentiality Policy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires the Office of Financial Aid to release detailed financial aid and billing information only to the student.

The student may, however, authorize another person to obtain his/her personal information by completing an Authorization to Release Information with the Registrar's Office.

If a student requires copies of their guardian's tax returns, NDMU requires a written release from the guardian to the Office of Financial Aid, specifying which of their documents can be released.

All visitors to the Office of Financial Aid must present a valid ID (student ID card or driver's license) before student specific information can be released.