Disbursement of Funds

Student financial aid disburses to their account after the semester has started. All aid disburses directly to the student account to first pay all institutional charges. Should the student have an outstanding credit balance after disbursement, the excess will be refunded to the student. Please contact the Business Office regarding refund processes.

In order for a graduate student to be eligible for loan funds, she/he must be enrolled at least half-time (4.5 credits for graduate students, 5 credits for Pharmacy students, and 3 credits for PhD/Doctoral students) at both census and at the time loan funds are disbursed to the Business Office. For graduate students and PhD students whose classes are staggered with multiple start dates, loan funds will not be released until the student has reached half-time enrollment. Pharmacy students are disbursed and refunded loans/aid based on registration at the first day of the term - this has an impact on Verification (which conforms to slightly different Department of Education guidelines). Pharmacy students in their 3rd or 4th year participating in rotations are encouraged to discuss Verification with their School or the Office of the University Registrar.

The Verification of Enrollment for all students begins after the census date of the semester and is performed periodically throughout the semester.

Scholarships, grants, or loans from external sources will be posted as the funds are received by NDMU. Funds are posted weekly throughout the semester.