Literacy Specialist/Coach (Reading Specialist)

The Master of Arts in Leadership in Teaching:  Literacy Specialist/Coach Program is designed for elementary and secondary certified teachers who have taught three years and want to expand their knowledge of literacy theory and practices to become literacy leaders in K-12 settings.

Certificate programs also available.

Curriculum (36 Credits)
Required Courses (33 Credits)

          EDU-557     Leadership Seminar I (3)
          EDU-567     Learning Theory and Practice (3)
          EDU-543     Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Educational Research (3)
          EDU-556     Technology for Instruction and Management (3)
          EDU-584     Teaching Writing to Elementary/Middle School Students (3)
          EDU-586     Techniques of Teaching Reading and Writing to Students with Limited English Proficiency (3)
          EDU-612     Literacy Intervention for Classroom and Clinical Settings (3)
          EDU-618     The Roles of the Literacy Specialist (3)
          EDU-629     The Roles of the Literacy Coach (3)
          EDU-691     Practicum: Application of Literacy Intervention in a Clinical Setting (3)
          EDU-542     Instruction in Reading (required for secondary teachers) (3) OR
          EDU-551     Teaching Literacy in Content Area II (required for elementary teachers) (3)

Electives (3 Credits)
          Prerequisites - Elementary:

          EDU-509     Processes and Acquisition of Reading (3)
          EDU-510     Materials for Teaching Reading (3)
          EDU-511     Assessment for Reading Instruction (3)
          EDU-542     Instruction of Reading (3)

          Prerequisites - Secondary:

          EDU-580     Teaching Literacy in the Content Areas I (3)
          EDU-551     Teaching Literacy in the Content Areas II (3)