Mathematics Instructional Leader (Pre K - Grade 6 or Grade 4 - 9)

Post-Master's Graduate Certificate Programs at Notre Dame of Maryland University are available in professional and academic subjects. Certificate Programs do not equate to a graduate degree program but rather demonstrate mastery in a specific area of interest or topic.  Students must have earned both the Baccalaureate and Master's degree before admission to this Program of Study is granted.

Students who have a Master’s degree and desire to obtain a Certificate of Mathematics Instructional Leaer should enroll in the following courses:

Mathematics Instructional Leader, Grades PreK-6

MAT-541    Number and Operations (3)
MAT-542    Number and Relationships (3)
MAT-543    Geometry and Measurement (3)
MAT-544    Statistics and Probability (3)
MAT-545    Patterns and Algebraic Thinking (3)
MAT-546    Algebra (3)
EDU-616    Practicum: Leadership in Mathematics Education (3)
EDU-583    Special Topics in Mathematics Education (3)

Mathematics Instructional Leader, Grades 4-9

MAT-501      Number and Operations (3)
MAT-503      Fundamentals of Algebra (3)
MAT-507      Algebraic Functions (3)
MAT-521      Measurement and Geometry (3)
MAT-531      Data Analysis and Statistics (3)
MAT-532      Probability and Simulations (3)
MAT-533      Calculus (3)
EDU-583      Special Topics in Mathematics Education (3)
EDU-616      Practicum: Leadership in Mathematics Education (3)