Nursing Department

Sharon Aka, PhD, RN Jeanie Anastasi, MSN, RN Assistant Director, Center for Caring with Technology Jane Balkam, PhD, APRN, CPNP, IBCLC
Simone Christian, MA, Instructional Designer
Rodnita Davis, MSN, RN, CNE
Barbara Gough, MSN, RN Director, Center for Caring with Technology Kathryn Handy, DNP, RN
Jenna Hoffman, MS, Academic Success and Advising Coordinator
Bernice Horton-Gee, DNP, RN, WHNP-BC Zane Hunter, AA, Simulation and Technology Specialist Carol Kurtz-Stack, BA, Adult Student Advisor
Brittany Lawson, AA, Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Miller, DNP, RN, CCM, CMSRN
Mary O'Connor, PhD, RN, CENP, FACHE, FAONL
Mary Packard, PhD, RN
Sabita Persaud, PhD, RN, APHN-BC Amy Rohrs, BS, Dean's Assistant and Clinical Placement Coordinator
Marleen Thornton, PhD, RN
Mark Walker, PhD, RN, CNL, CCRN
Kathleen Wisser, PhD, RN, CNE, Dean, School of Nursing

Degrees offered



Main Campus

The School of Nursing offers a RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program to students admitted through the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies. Designed for practicing registered nurses, the program challenges women and men to strive for intellectual and professional excellence, to build inclusive communities, to engage in service to others and to promote social responsibility.


The RN to BSN program of study builds on registered nurses' prior education and clinical experiences and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary health care environment. Through Notre Dame's innovative curriculum, RN professional opportunities are expanded in as few as two and a half years of part-time study, or one year of full-time study. 

The Bachelor of Science program is approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001; Phone: 202-887-6791).

Notre Dame’s RN to BSN program is offered through an accelerated format. Students begin their program of study with an upper-level nursing course designed to assist students with the transition to baccalaureate nursing education and explore caring science as foundational to the discipline and profession of nursing. Students must complete a minimum of 120 credits and all University and Nursing requirements to earn the Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum requires the following credits: 21 general education credits, 18 departmental requirement credits, and 30 upper-level nursing credits earned at Notre Dame. Students may transfer up to 68 credits, in addition to receiving 30 extra credits per the Maryland Nursing Education Articulation Model.

Students can choose between 100% online delivery format for the program, or a traditional face-to-face format. In the online delivery format, courses are delivered asynchronously online.  In the face-to-face format, students meet weekly in person for generally four hours, on the same day of the week, with some remote/online class sessions. 

Maryland Nursing Education Articulation Model

Notre Dame of Maryland University is a participant in the Maryland Nursing Education Articulation Model.

All registered nurses admitted to the University will enter under the terms of this model, as they apply to Notre Dame of Maryland University's Nursing Program.

All registered nurses (RNs) or students who plan to take NCLEX-RN for licensure will enter under the following terms: 

    • A maximum of 68 credits will be accepted in transfer;
    • No community college nursing course credits will be transferred;
    • All RNs with an active license in Maryland or a compact state will be granted 30 upper-level Nursing credits per the Maryland Nursing Education Articulation Model; and,
    • RNs will complete the remaining 30 upper-level nursing credits and any additional program requirements through Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Credits Needed from Notre Dame

A minimum of 30 earned credits from Notre Dame of Maryland University is required for graduation. The final 30 credits for the degree must be earned at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Specific course requirements for the RN to BSN program include:

General Education requirements (21 Credits)*

          200-level Philosophy (3)
          200-level Religious Studies (3)
          300/400-level Religious Studies (3)
          English Composition (3)
          Literature (3)
          History (3)
          Math (Basic Statistics) (3)

*The General Education Requirements for Natural and Social Sciences are part of the School of Nursing requirements.

Please Note: Students who have earned an Associate Degree prior to admission to the University are exempt from the Gender and Cross-cultural requirement. However, most students will need to complete the upper-level Religious Studies course at NDMU in order to fulfill General Education Requirements. 

Departmental Requirements for the Nursing Major (18 credits)


          Human Anatomy & Physiology (6-8)*
          Microbiology (3-4)*
          Introduction to Psychology** (3)
          Human Growth & Development ** (3)
          Introduction to Sociology (3)

          *Lab Required
          **Challenge Exam Available

Upper-level Nursing credits from an Associate Degree or diploma program granted through Maryland Nursing Education Articulation Model (30 credits)

              Upper-level Nursing courses at Notre Dame (30 credits)

              NUR-306 Writing for Professionals (1)
              NUR-309 Foundations of Caring Science: Nursing Situations, Scholarly Analysis, and Calls for Justice (3
              NUR-319 Holistic Health Assessment & Nutrition Across the Lifespan for Professional Nurses (5)
              NUR-400 Information Systems for Caring Practice (3)
              NUR-411 Healthy Aging for Professional Nurses (3)
              NUR-412 Population Health through a Caring Lens (4)
              NUR-420 Nursing Research for Professional Nurses (3)
              NUR-440 Caring Nursing Leadership for Professional Nurses (3)
              NUR-450 Capstone Experience (2)

             One Nursing Elective:

              NUR-314 Nursing Situations in Palliative Caring (3) or
              NUR-315 Advocacy, Politics and Power (3) or
              NUR-316 Spirituality in Nursing Practice (3)

International/Study Abroad Opportunities

Special topics focused on nursing practice may be taken in partial fulfillment of select nursing courses. Contact the School of Nursing at 410-532-5526 for more information.


Students may start the RN to BSN program of study at Notre Dame without a RN license. However, students must have an active, unencumbered Maryland or compact RN license before enrolling in Notre Dame coursework that incorporates experiential learning components with Notre Dame’s practice partners, and/or a designated capstone course.


In addition to the policies and procedures in this Catalog, all students are responsible for the policies and procedures in the current School of Nursing RN to BSN Student Handbook that is located on the School of Nursing homepage under Resources.