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A Master's of Science in Analytics at Notre Dame of Maryland University is an multidisciplinary Program of Study encompassing computer studies, mathematics, and management. The Program focuses on competencies in areas of data management technologies and quantitative processes and prepares professionals to specialize in the creation, enhancement, and use of "big data" through analytics. The Program is offered online and is designed primarily for students who have an academic or working background in a mathematical, computing, or business intelligence field.

Program of Study

The Analytics Program of Study uses real-world situations to prepare students for roles as strategic analysts who use predictive modeling to enhance decision processes. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of key technologies:  data mining, design, analysis, modeling, security, and visualization. Students will work with real-world scenarios to gain experience with statistical packages and big data tools. The final Capstone Project is an applied research experience. 

The Master of Science in Analytics Program of Study includes 36 credits of coursework. Students may enroll in two courses each semester, including summers, to finish in two years. The Program builds skills and knowledge in areas that are crucial to potential employers.

All classes in this Program are delivered online.  Students will complete a Capstone Project on a topic of their choice. Together with their faculty advisor, students will develop a research question and use techniques learned throughout their Program of Study to investigate the question and analyze relevant data. Students will present the results of their Capstone Project in a written report and/or oral presentation. 

Curriculum (36 Credits)

Computer Studies Courses (24 Credits)

          CST-530 Foundations of Analytics in Knowledge Management (3)
          CST-531 Data Design and Management (3)
          CST-532 Knowledge Tools (3)
          CST-540 Data Visualization (3)
          CST-550 Project Management (3)
          CST-610 Critical Inquiry (3)
          CST-611 Data Security (3)
          CST-620 Data Mining and Warehousing (3)

Mathematics Courses (6 Credits)

          MAT-575 Applied Statistics (3)
          MAT-576 Data and Decision Modeling (3)

Business/Economics Courses (6 Credits)

          To be chosen with program advisor