MA in Leadership in Special Education - Exceptionalities

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Anne Arundel Community College
Eastern Shore Higher Education Center (ESHEC)
Southern Maryland Higher Education Center (SMHEC)

The Master of Arts in Leadership in Special Education – Exceptionalities provides an advanced Program of Study for educational professionals who aspire to become supervisors or administrators with the commitment and skills to be effective instructional leaders in inclusive school environments. Through advanced study in leadership, pedagogy and literacy, the Program requires the student to develop essential competencies in these areas as they pertain to diverse learners.

Curriculum (36 credits)

Required Courses (21 credits)

EDU-543   Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Educational Research (3)
EDU-556   Technology for Instruction and Management (3)
EDU-557   Leadership I Seminar (3)
EDU-567   Learning Theory and Practice (3)
EDU-569   Supervision: Empowering Teachers (3)
EDU-560   Legal Issues for Teachers and Administrators (3)
EDU-563   Curriculum Development (3)

Elective Options (15 credits)

SPE-518   Behavior is Language (3)
SPE-531   Autism and Asperger’s Disorders (3)
SPE-590   Foundation of Literacy I:Stu with Dyslexia (3)
SPE-591   Foundation of Math I:Math as Language (3)
SPE-592   Foundation of Literacy II:Moving Beyond the Basics (3)
SPE-593   Integration of Learning Strategies and Executive Function Skills (3)