Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Enrollment Management

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The online PBC in Enrollment Management is designed as a pathway for two types of professionals:  those already working in a university setting looking to advance to director-level positions, or those without higher education experience looking to break into the field. Courses cover a range of topics and how they work in tandem including admissions processes, financial aid modeling, marketing strategies, retention, and more.  Through this certificate, professionals build the broad knowledge base and expertise at best practices, processes, and regulations needed to be successful in a college or university setting. 

Required Curriculum (12 credits)

          EDU-500 Principles of Enrollment Management and Retention (3)
          EDU-510 Financial Aid and Data Analytics for Enrollment Planning (3)
          EDU-502 Enrollment Marketing and Communications (3)
          EDU-503 Leadership and Strategic Planning for Enrollment Management Professionals (3)

The PBC in Enrollment Management may be completed as a standalone credential or as an area of concentration in the Masters in Higher Education program.