Post-Master's Graduate Certificate Programs at Notre Dame of Maryland University are available in professional and academic subjects. Certificate Programs do not equate to a graduate degree program but rather demonstrate mastery in a specific area of interest or topic.  Students must have earned both the Baccalaureate and Master's degree before admission to this Program of Study is granted.

Students who have a Master’s degree and desire to obtain a Certificate of TESOL should enroll in the following courses:

EDU-508     Issues in TESOL (3)
EDU-545     Principles of Linguistics (3)
EDU-546     Methods and Materials for TESOL (3)
EDU-547     Assessing Second Language Acquisition (3)
EDU-548     Language Learning (3)
EDU-586     Techniques of Teaching Reading and Writing to Students with Limited English Proficiency (3)
EDU-596     English Grammar for ESL Teachers (3)

Prerequisites: Six credits in a second language.