NDMU Endowed Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded upon admission to the university and, except where specifically noted otherwise, are awarded for four years to entering Women's College students.

The Alpha Sigma Lambda Scholarship

Established in 1987 by the Delta Chi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda for students in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies who are members of this honor society.

The Jeanne Diserio Alter Scholarship

Founded in 1981 by Jeanne Alter ’53, and designated for science majors. A biology major and later mother of nine children, Alter valued her education at Notre Dame and generously offers that opportunity to other students through her scholarship. First priority is given to a student from New Jersey and then Baltimore.

The Alumnae Undergraduate Scholarship

Established by the first Alumnae Constitution in 1896, an Alumnae Association campaign, led by Mrs. J. Crossan Cooper (Louise Carrell Jenkins), raised funds for this scholarship. Since then, the scholarship has been awarded every year to descendants of alumnae.

The Mother Mary Vitalia Arnold Scholarship

Established in 1976 and named in recognition of the provincial leader of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in Baltimore, 1953-1965, the scholarship continues to support students who exhibit leadership ability.

The Arts and Scholars Scholarship

Founded as a result of the Arts and Scholars Balls of 1976 and 1977 which were organized by Clarisse Mechanic and Mrs. Mark F. Collins.

The Ladonna W. and Raymond J. Baginski Centennial Scholarship

Established in 1992 by Raymond and Ladonna Baginski ’66 and designated exclusively for English majors.

The M. Nelson Barnes Sons/John L. Stasiak Engineering Scholarship

Founded in 1991 by John L. Stasiak to benefit future women engineers in obtaining a Notre Dame education.

Sister Mary Gabrielle Blake Scholarship

Established in 1965 as a result of the bequest of Eleanor F. Blake, aunt-in-law of Gabrielle Blake, SSND, and restricted by the donor to a qualified applicant.

The Margaret Carlin Boyle/Suzanne Boyle Herrmann Scholarship

Founded in 1995 by Margaret Carlin Boyle ’32, and her daughter Suzanne Boyle Herrmann ’65. Their generosity has helped students pursue social science or economics majors.

The Ruth Jenkins and William Beverly Bristor Scholarship

Founded by William Beverly Bristor Jr. in honor of his parents. In 1998 Bill bequeathed funds for numerous scholarships for Notre Dame students. Bill valued leadership, scholarship and commitment to service.

The Evelyn and Joseph T. Bunn Memorial Scholarship

Founded in memory of her mother and father in 1995, Pat Bunn Carter designated her scholarship exclusively for Institute of Notre Dame (IND) graduates seeking certification in the teaching field on a primary or secondary level.

The Alice Kirkham Burk Scholarship

Established in 1961 by Henry J. Knott Sr. in honor of Mrs. Knott’s mother. Henry is best remembered for his generosity and philanthropic contributions, especially to Catholic schools throughout Maryland. Awarded to a graduate of the Institute of Notre Dame.

Josephine Buzek Scholarship

In 2012 Dr. Mildred Buzek Otenasek established this scholarship in memory of her mother, Josephine Buzek, who fostered her interest in political affairs.

Winifred and Florence E. Cahill Scholarship

Established in 1962 by Florence E. Cahill and Winfield S. Cahill, friends of the University. Florence Cahill’s intention was to support students from the Baltimore area.

Daniel Carroll Bicentennial Scholarship

Founded in 1983 by Virgina Geiger, SSND, professor of history/philosophy at Notre Dame. Sister was both a scholar and an admirer of Daniel Carroll and his descendants. Funds resulting from her books, symposiums and lectures contributed to this scholarship honoring Carroll.

Frank and Bertha Chlan Centenary Scholarship

Endowed on the occasion of Notre Dame’s 100th anniversary by Nathalie Chlan Batts ’40 and named for her parents, this scholarship focuses on students with proven academic promise.

Class of 1969 Endowed Scholarship

Funds will go to support a full-time women's college student who has both demonstrated financial need as well as record of academic excelence.

Elizabeth Sullivan Clem Scholarship

Established in 1969, the scholarship was provided by Elizabeth Clem in her estate.

Continuing Scholars Fund

Founded in 1994 by the Continuing Education (CE) Students’ Organization Board under the leadership of Pam Wilson C’93. Canby Robertson C’98, Marianna Russell C’94, Virginia Rugemer C’91 and other CE graduates continue to support this fund for school related expenses.

Continuing Studies Scholarship

Established in 1984, this scholarship includes monetary support for the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies students at Notre Dame.

Rose Cooper and Rita C. Hubbard Scholarship

Founded in honor of his wife, Rose, and his daughter, Rita ’50, by Charles J. Cooper in 1991. This scholarship is designed for students who have both English and writing aptitude and recognized service to others.

Colleen Marie Coughlin Scholarship

Founded in 1952 by Winifred and Patrick Coughlin in memory of their daughter. The Coughlins wanted to enable other young women to have the college education Colleen Marie was unable to receive.

Catherine Roloson Counselman '41 Scholarship

Granted to students who demonstrate strong academic capability and financial need. Preference shall be given to undergraduate students in SASB.

Miriam Blount Craig Scholarship

Bequeathed in 1987 by Miriam Blount Craig ’14 to Notre Dame, where she and her daughter, Barbara Craig Boyle ’44, were educated.

Martin de Porres Scholarship

In honor of St. Martin de Porres, this scholarship was created in 1959 for a Catholic African American student.

Diamond Jubilee Scholarship

Established in 1970 to honor Notre Dame’s 75th anniversary. Students who qualify for this scholarship are required to have high educational potential.

Sister Mary Immaculata Dillon Scholarship

Established in 1979 by Marie C. Hebner ’19, who led the alumnae campaign honoring Mary Immaculata Dillon, SSND, Ph.D. Sister served Notre Dame as Academic Dean and in many other capacities from 1906 to 1931.

Sister Mary Denise Dooley Scholarship

Established in the early 1980s by both Notre Dame and Eastman Kodak Loan Fund. Because Sister Denise, Ph.D., Sigma Xi, was a professor of chemistry, this scholarship is restricted to students with special interest in this field.

Margaret Dougherty-Smith Scholarship

Established in 2007 by the bequest of Margaret Dougherty-Smith ’44 for students of various nationalities who participate in extra-curricular activities and show an ability to help others but need financial help to remain in college.

Sister Mary Jeannette Duffy Scholarship

Established by Ruth and Roberta Duffy in memory of their aunt in 1988. Sister Mary Jeannette was a professor of math and English and the treasurer of Notre Dame from its founding until her death in 1901.

Kenneth B. and Loraine H. Duke Memorial Scholarship

Founded in 1986 by Virginia Coode Duke ’46, in memory of her parents. The scholarship is offered to an academically qualified student majoring in a foreign language.

Monsignor William Kailer Dunn and Dr. E. Catherine Dunn Endowed Scholarship Fund

Notre Dame honors the memory and philanthropic vision of the Dunn siblings by combining the generous gift from Catherine’s estate with the corpus of the Monsignor William Dunn Fund established in 1966 by Monsignor Dunn, a strong advocate of education for women. He was both teacher and chaplain at Notre Dame where his sister, Dr. E. Catherine Dunn ’38, completed her undergraduate degree. Their generosity benefits students demonstrating academic capability and financial need.

Beatrice Fitzgerald Dunning Memorial Scholarship

Established by Dr. Henry A.B. Dunning Sr. in memory of his first wife. Dr. Dunning received an honorary degree from in 1958 and served on the president’s advisory board.

Elenita Eberstadt Scholarship

Established in 1954 by Esther Eberstadt Baldwin in the name of her mother. A former trustee of Notre Dame, Christian leadership was a quality Esther valued.

Sister Maura Eichner Scholarships

An inspirational professor of English for 52 years, Sister Maura’s students and friends established two scholarships in her honor in 1986—one for an incoming first-year student and another for a rising junior with talent in writing and literature. Sister Maura ’41 chaired the English department, wrote several books of poetry and enjoyed the success of her students who published books, essays and poems.

Kenneth H. Ekin Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2006 by Patricia F. Ekin through her estate in honor of her husband, Kenneth H. Ekin, for deserving students who demonstrate academic ability and achievement.

Sister Bridget Marie Engelmeyer Scholarship

In 1979, Notre Dame recognized Sister Bridget Marie’s 26 years of service as an associate professor of English, registrar, academic dean and archivist with a scholarship in her honor.

Laurette S. and C. Leonard Fardwell Scholarship

Established in 1985 by Dr. Virginia Fardwell Otto ’40 to honor her parents. Dr. Otto, professor of language at Notre Dame from 1946 to 1952, provided the scholarship for a student with financial need and the desire and ability to further her studies in the romance languages: French, Spanish or Italian.

Loretta Callis Farley Scholarship

Established in 1986 by Pierre J. Farley in memory of his wife, Loretta C. Farley ’48.

Sister Kathleen Feeley Scholarship

Established in 1982 by the Sister Kathleen Feeley Scholarship Committee in honor of the president of Notre Dame of Maryland University, 1971 to 1992, supports students of outstanding academic ability.

Sister Mary Virgina Geiger Scholarship

Founded in honor of Sister Virgina in 1992 by a campaign chaired by Dr. Stephen Vicchio and coordinated by Marie de Chantal Haigley, SSND. Sister Virgina requested that student qualifications be based on both merit and need.

Mary and Joan Genco First Generation Endowed Scholarship

Funds will be awarded to a women's college student with demonstrated financial need and academic promise and merit.

Golden Jubilee Scholarship

Endowed by Notre Dame in 1945 to honor the University’s 50th anniversary. It is specifically awarded to a student from the Institute of Notre Dame.

Florilla Webb Gosselin Scholarship

Founded by Edward N. Gosselin in 1974 in honor of his wife. It is designed to support a student who transfers to Notre Dame as a junior.

Aurora G. Granofsky Scholarship

Established as an estate gift from Aurora Granofsky’s Revocable Trust in 2000. It is restricted to deserving students of Mexican citizenship or immediate descent.

Hansen Family Scholarship

Endowed in 1995 by George O. and Mabel Hansen in honor of the George Hansen Family. The recipient is asked to be involved in a number of service projects to benefit the community each year.

Haussner Writing Scholarship

Established in 1975 by Frances Wilke Haussner. The recipient must earn commendable grades and enroll in at least one writing course each year.

William Randolph Hearst Jr. Scholarship for Minority Students

Established by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation in 1992. The scholarship is restricted to minority students with high ability, outstanding character and financial need who intend to stay in the U.S. after graduation.

Gladys Justice Endowed Scholarship

George W. Justice, Jr. established this scholarship in memory of his wife. Preference is given to a student pursuing a degree in the Classics with an interest in language or international study. The Gladys Justice Scholar will retain the scholarship until the completion of the undergraduate degree, providing academic standards and the Honor Code of the University are met.

Sister Mary Benigna Kearney Scholarship

Established in part by Marie P. Kearney in 1982 as an estate gift in honor of her sister, Sister Mary Benigna Kearney.

Mother Mary Maurice Kelly Scholarship

Endowed by Notre Dame in memory of Mother Mary Maurice Kelly. Mother Maurice was provincial leader of the Baltimore Province of School Sisters of Notre Dame from 1965 to 1971.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

Founded by Notre Dame of Maryland University in memory of the 35th president of the United States.

Georgianna Longest Kiefer Scholarship

The estate of Georgianna Longest Kiefer C’73 established this scholarship in 1980. The scholarship is restricted to students in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies majoring in art or in an art-related subject.

Monsignor J. Lawrence Kilkenny Scholarship

Established in 1962 by an estate gift from Right Reverend Monsignor J. Lawrence Kilkenny, pastor of St. Patrick’s Church, Cumberland, Md. This scholarship has been extended to all Western Maryland high schools.

Martin Luther King Memorial Scholarship

Endowed by Notre Dame in 1968 in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Guidelines specify that a qualified African American student, preferably from Baltimore, be awarded the scholarship.

Michael Kivlighan Scholarship

Established about 1965 by Michael Kivlighan and his wife. Michael was the father of Miriam Kivlighan ’22, SSND, and dean of students. The scholarship was restricted by the donor to qualified applicants from Virginia.

Agnes and Edward V. Klug Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1963 by the estate of Mrs. Klug, the mother of three alumnae.

Ann Boyles Knipper Scholarship

To honor his deceased wife, Ann Boyles Knipper ’40, this scholarship was established by Roy W. Knipper Jr. in 1987. It was awarded in 2006 for the first time to a student in financial need.

Suzanne Mattingly Lackey Scholarship

Established in 1976 by an estate gift of Suzanna Mattingly Lackey ’35. It is available to a promising young scholar.

James J. Lacy and Martin J. Welsh Scholarship

James Lacy served as Honorary Co-Chair of Notre Dame Golden Jubilee Endowment Committee with Martin J. Welch, Jr., in 1947. Mr. Lacy was active in community affairs serving on many boards in Maryland, was comptroller in Governor Lane’s administration from 1947-1950 and advised Notre Dame’s President from 1949–1950.

Latin American Scholarship

Established in 1999 by an anonymous donor with the desire to bring students to Notre Dame from Puerto Rico and Central and South America, especially Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Peru.

Virginia Farinholt Lewis Scholarship

Founded in 1988 by an estate gift of Virginia Farinholt Lewis ’31. Students are selected by the president of Notre Dame.

Corinne B. Linton Scholarship

The Corinne B. Linton Scholarship was established in 2009 with a bequest. Dr. Linton was the co-author of Hospital Based Education and compiler of a series of reference guides in medical terminology. The scholarship is designated to benefit an American citizen.

Virginia Starkey List Scholarship in the Humanities

Founded in 1976 as the result of an estate gift from Virginia Starkey List. It is designed for a student concentrating in the humanities.

Clinton K. Macsherry Sr. Scholarship

Founded in honor of Clinton Kilty Macsherry Sr., in 1967 by the family and friends of Marian Shriver and Clinton Macsherry Sr. The latter was a member of Notre Dame’s president’s advisory board, 1955 to 1967.

Helen K. and Frederick Maisel III Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded each year to a qualified applicant from Mount de Sales Academy or Catonsville High School for admission to the Women's College, CAUS, and the Schools of Nursing and Education, with the goal of majoring in any of the following subjects: Education, Religious Studies, Chemistry, Nursing, or Pre-Med.

Sister Mary Paula Manning Memorial Scholarship

Donated by Ray Manning and his family in 1977 in memory of Sister Mary Paula Manning ’32.   Sister Paula served Notre Dame as associate professor of math, registrar and Notre Dame trustee. Both a high interest and achievement in math are required of the recipient of this scholarship.

Sister Mary Cordula Marck Scholarship in Languages

Endowed by Notre Dame in 1983 as a jubilee gift, this scholarship is designated for a promising student who wishes to concentrate in foreign languages.

Dr. Frank Marino Scholarship

Established in 1945 as part of Dr. Frank Marino’s estate. Dr. Marino was the well-loved physician for the School Sisters on the Notre Dame campus.

Sister Mary Martina Martin Scholarship

Endowed in 1977 by Notre Dame to honor Sister Martina who served in several capacities—teacher, registrar, secretary and treasurer—at Notre Dame between 1932 and 1964.

Sister Mary Alba Mattingly Scholarship

Established by Notre Dame in 1979 in honor of Sister Alba, SSND, local leader at Notre Dame between 1935 and 1941.

Mary Laun Quinn and Marguerite Laun McComas Scholarship

Established by the estate of Mary Laun Quinn ’35 in 1986 and named in her memory and that of her sister, Marguerite L. McComas ’37. The scholarship is restricted to a qualified student with strong financial need.

Barbara McDonnell and Sr. Doris Ann Gentry Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of two talented, inspiring teachers in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies (CAUS). The purpose of this scholarship is to help needy students in CAUS.

Sister Elissa McGuire Scholarship

In a bequest, Dr. Mildred Otenasek established this scholarship in memory of her colleague Sister Elissa, professor of economics at Notre Dame for twenty years and seventh president of the University from 1968 to 1971. "She was an extraordinary teacher and loved teaching” said Dr. Mildred Otenasek. "She understood her students as individuals and shared their problems and their lives."

Mary HeriliHy McHugh ’27 Scholarship

Endowed in 2000 by Dr. Paul R. and Jean B. McHugh, Ellen M. LaFollette, and Suzanne M. Piscitello in honor of their mother. This scholarship is restricted to the study of Latin, Greek and the Classics and can be applied toward onsite experience of the ancient world.

Margaret Dempsy McManus Scholarship

Established by Margaret McManus’ gift to Kathleen Feeley, SSND, at the President’s Gala in 1991. Margaret was the originator, chair and producer of the Gala. The scholarship is restricted to an English major or minor.

Sister Mary Alma McNicholas Women Scientists Scholarships

Established as a scholarship in 1983 through the biology majors’ campaign led and chaired by Pat Warth ’48 and Kay Kemp Witter ’43 in honor of Sister Alma ’26, their dearly loved biology teacher. Changes implemented in 2007 provide for eligible sophomore, junior or senior science majors to be selected on a competitive basis to participate in biomedical research skills as research assistants at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine laboratories in a partnership with the Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Clarisse Mechanic Maryland Distinguished Woman Scholarship

Founded in 1993 in honor of Clarisse Mechanic who was named “Maryland Distinguished Woman” that year.

Harvey M. and Lyn P. Meyerhoff Scholarship in the Humanities

Founded in 1979 by Lyn P. and Harvey M. Meyerhoff for students who concentrate in the humanities. Lyn Meyerhoff was a trustee of Notre Dame 1975 to 1981.

Mabel Costich Miller Scholarship

Established by the estate of Mable Costich Miller ’28 in 1995 and provides scholarship assistance to financially disadvantaged students.

Caroline Reynolds Mitchell Scholarship

Founded in 1985 with the bequest of Stephens Mitchell, who was the husband of Caroline Reynolds Mitchell ’24 and brother of Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind. Caroline attended Notre Dame briefly in 1924.

Aileen Mize Scholarship

Established by parents and friends of Notre Dame in honor of Aileen Mize, professor of speech and drama from 1935 to 1969. The applicant’s ability in communication arts is considered for this scholarship.

Elizabeth Breeden Monroe Scholarship

This scholarship, established in 1986, honors Elizabeth Monroe ’46, a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a scholastic honor society and president of Kymry, the social club of the resident students at Notre Dame. “Your love for Notre Dame shines in your eyes when you speak of it,” remarked Sister Kathleen Feeley in a letter to Elizabeth.

Dr. Elizabeth Morrissy Scholarship

Founded in 1976 as an estate gift by the renowned Dr. Morrissy, professor of economics at Notre Dame from 1920 to 1964. Recipient of the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice in 1955, respected nationally and honored by her colleagues, Dr. Morrissy designated this award for a student majoring in economics.

Daniel J. and Evelyn Murphy Family Scholarship

Established in 2010 by Notre Dame to honor Daniel J. Murphy, Jr. on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

Mary Teresa Curran Murphy Scholarship in Teaching

Founded in 1996 for the centennial of Notre Dame by Evelyn and Daniel J. Murphy Jr. in honor of his mother, Mary Theresa Curran, class of 1899, the first graduating class. The guidelines designate that the recipient be a Catholic student in financial need with a GPA of 3.2 or higher who is a full-time major in the humanities seeking certification as a teacher.

Elizabeth Kelly Murphy ’35 Scholarship

Endowed in 2000 by M. Susan Murphy ’67 and Jane Murphy McInnes ’72 in honor of their mother Elizabeth Kelly Murphy ’35, this scholarship is awarded yearly to a student who demonstrates outstanding academic ability and financial need, majoring in education or philosophy.

Sister Margaret Mary O’Connell Alumnae Scholarship

Established in 1968 by an alumnae campaign led by Mary Lou Armstrong ’60 in honor of Sister Margaret Mary O’Connell, president of Notre Dame, 1950 to 1968.

Sister Margaret Mary O’Connell Memorial Scholarship

Founded by Claire C. ’47 and Richard A. Hartman in 1995 in honor of Sister Margaret Mary O’Connell, professor of education, 1937 to 1950 and 1969 to 1982, and president of Notre Dame, 1950 to 1968. Sister was the aunt of Claire Cullinan Hartman and educator of many students.

Catherine and John O’Dea Scholarship

Endowed in 1988 to honor Catherine and John O’Dea, parents of an alumna.

Cornelia Creel O’Neill Scholarship

The children of Cornelia Creel O’Neill endowed this scholarship in 2011 to honor the memory of their mother. After earning her degree in chemistry, and devoting years to her family, she specialized in teaching college preparatory chemistry, became chair of the high school science department and was instrumental in developing a chemistry curriculum in Fairfax County, Virginia. Her leadership transformed lives.

Anne Lindsey Otenasek Scholarship

Mildred Otenasek established this scholarship in memory of her grand-niece Anne Lindsay Otenasek who lost her life in the Pan Am 103 crash in Scotland, December 21, 1988.

The Panetta-Sauer Family Scholarship

Established in 1996 by Barbara Panetta Sauer ’65 for underprivileged women of Italian descent who desire to matriculate in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies.

The Sheila and Carl Pirkle, Jr. Scholarship

Established in 2005 by Drs. Sheila and Carl Pirkle to be granted to students demonstrating strong academic ability and financial need.

Helen C. Potter Scholarship

Endowed through the estate gift of Dr. Helen C. Potter in 1986. An honorary alumna, Helen hoped this scholarship would benefit needy and worthy students.

Presidents’ Scholarship

Founded in 1975 by Notre Dame of Maryland University to honor each of its presidents. The scholarship is restricted to academically talented students.

Ethel Clay Price Scholarship for Continuing Education

Endowed by Ralph C. Price in 1982 in honor of his mother, a graduate of the Collegiate Institute in 1892 before Notre Dame of Maryland University received its charter. Ralph designated that the scholarship be awarded to students in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies.

Dr. Lucia Serio Provenza Scholarship

Founded by Dr. Vincent Provenza in 1980 in honor of his wife, Dr. Lucia Serio Provenza, visiting professor of education, 1980-1986 at Notre Dame. The scholarship is restricted by the founder to students in education.

Alma Elizabeth Robeck Scholarship

Established by the estate of Alma E. Robeck ’22, this scholarship is open to first-year students who demonstrate financial need and whose goal is to become a teacher. A student from Annapolis, Maryland will receive first consideration.

Rosskopf Family Scholarship

The Rosskopf Scholarship is the first to be created in the inaugural year of the School of Pharmacy at Notre Dame. This scholarship was established by Ilma and Edda Rosskopf in 2010 to honor their sister, Olga Cassella, and their parents. The scholarship is offered to a pharmacy student with strong academic capability and a commitment to service.

George Coventry and Nita Schmidt Roughgarden Fund

Founded by the George Coventry and Nita Schmidt Roughgarden Christian Educational Trust in 1993.

Mary Elizabeth McCloskey Rudy Scholarship

Established by the bequest of Mary Elizabeth McCloskey Rudy in 1996 for a full-time commuter student studying courses in business or economics.

Sister Mary Samuel Sauer Scholarship

Established by the Kathleen K. Ellinghaus Estate in honor of Sister Samuel Sauer. This scholarship provides an education for SSNDs. In 1984 it was extended to women religious of any congregation, and in 1999 it was extended to religious studies majors.

Gisela RueBenacker Schwab Scholarship

Founded in 1983 by Gisela Ruebenacker Schwab as a result of her friendship with Sister Virgina Geiger. Although Gisela only attended Notre Dame of Maryland University for one year, 1945 to 1946, she was dedicated to the University.

Dorothy McIlvain Scott Scholarship

Endowed in 1988 by Dorothy McIlvain Scott, a friend and trustee associate, 1985 to 1990.

Mother Mary Georgianne Segner Scholarship

Established in 1982 by the SSND Generalate in honor of our well-loved Mother M. Georgianne Segner. Mother Georgianne was the International General Superior in Rome, Italy, of the School Sisters of Notre Dame from 1968 to 1977.

John R. Seifert Scholarship

John R. Seifert endowed this award in 1980 as a supplementary award, available to a junior or senior student.

Rose and Salvatore Serio Scholarship

Established by Rose Serio in 1961 in honor of Rose and Salvatore Serio, parents and grandparents of alumnae.

Geraldine Riley Shawn Scholarship

Founded by Nelson E. Shawn in honor of his wife Geraldine ’41 in 1981. The recipient of this scholarship must have an interest in English, drama or history and have completed her first year.

Lillian Smink Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1954 by Claud C. Smink, M.D., who served as general practitioner for the SSND community from 1921 to 1962 and chief of staff at St. Joseph Medical Center. Dr. Smink honored his first wife, Lillian Smink, with this scholarship.

Helen M. Smith Scholarship

Endowed in 1993 by Sister Marie Augustine Dowling ’45, associate professor of mathematics at Notre Dame, in honor of her mother.

Sister Mary Frances Smith Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1951 by a campaign of alumnae, parents and friends and chaired by Rida Shea Rutherford ’32 to honor Sister Mary Frances Smith Ph.D., president of Notre Dame from 1935 to 1950.

Evelyn Betz-Smith Memorial Scholarship

Currier Smith established this scholarship on February 9, 1994 to honor his wife, Evelyn Betz Smith, '40. The scholarship is restricted to art students.

Dr. Regina and Dino Soria Scholarship

Established in 1991 by a campaign led by Dr. Mildred Otenasek, honoring Dr. Soria and her husband. Former chair of the modern foreign languages department, Dr. Soria requested that the scholarship recipient pursue her study in one of the fields of Italian heritage—language, literature, history, art or music.

Sister Mary Theresine Staab Music Scholarship

Established in 1980 through a campaign by the Mitchell Foundation, alumnae and friends and spearheaded by Anna Marschall Mueller ’51 in honor of Sister Theresine Stabb, chair of the music department and music professor, 1937-1973. This scholarship is for a student studying music.

Dr. Margaret J. Steinhagen ‘54 Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. Steinhagen as professor of education at Notre Dame of Maryland University and chairman emerita of the education department for over forty years, Dr. Steinhagen was chosen as a "Great Professor" and received the Thomas P. and Clementine L. Mullan Distinguished Teaching Award in 1976. She demonstrated that teaching is a vocation, requiring both competence and virtue.

Frances Elizabeth G. Stern Scholarship

Established by the estate gift of Frances Getzlaff Stern in 1969. This scholarship is restricted to students of exceptional scholastic ability.

Audrey McCarthy Turner Memorial Scholarship

Founded by James K. Turner in memory of his wife, Audrey McCarthy Turner ’42, in 1980. Designated to be awarded to incoming first-year students from northern New Jersey who concentrate in the humanities or the sciences.

William Starr Vincent Memorial Scholarship

Endowed by William C. Vincent in honor of his father William Starr Vincent in 1979. William C. Vincent’s daughter, Tamara Vincent Joyce ’89, is an alumna of Notre Dame.

Bonnie A. Vogel Memorial Scholarship

Established by William E. Vogel Sr., his first wife Helen S. Vogel, and other donors in 1978 in honor of Bonnie A. Vogel ’66, their daughter. This scholarship is open to communication arts majors in the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies.

Deborah Kus Wagner Scholarship

Founded by the Reverends Walter H. and Deborah Kus Wagner ’58 in 1980.

Ruth Nagel Watkins Scholarship

Established in 1996 by a committee of friends chaired by Dr. Domenico Firmani and coordinated by Marie de Chantal Haigley, SSND. The scholarship is available to serious students of art or art history.

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