International Programs

Study Abroad and Short-Term Academic Experience Abroad

Notre Dame of Maryland University is committed to providing all students an educational experience that is truly international. Students are encouraged to include study abroad in their educational program while at the University. Study in another culture will enrich students' academic study and can help them develop an international perspective, intercultural and linguistic skills, and a sense of global responsibility.

Notre Dame students have access to many semester and summer programs  around the world through approved vendors and NDMU exchange agreements. Students who participate in these sponsored programs earn Notre Dame credit for course work. Grades and credits are reported on the students’ Notre Dame transcripts and calculated in their GPA. Where possible, study abroad courses may be used to fulfill requirements in the Major and General Education. Students who qualify for federal, state or institutional aid may generally apply that aid to Notre Dame-sponsored programs.

Short-term faculty-led academic programs abroad are regularly offered throughout the academic year. These one- to three-week courses, taught by Notre Dame faculty,  may be taken for academic credit or for personal enrichment.  

Notre Dame students may apply for permission to participate in study abroad programs not sponsored by the University. Coursework completed as part of a non-sponsored program in which a student earns a grade of C (or better) will be posted to the student's Notre Dame transcript as transfer credit and will not be calculated in the GPA. Courses taken as part of non-sponsored study abroad programs may not be used to fulfill General Education or Major requirements. Exceptions to this policy are granted only in special circumstances and prior approval must be obtained. Students who qualify for federal aid may apply that aid to non-sponsored study abroad programs.

Students who wish to participate in semester or summer programs must meet the following requirements: have completed 30 credits at the time they apply, have declared a Major, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 ( Individual study abroad programs may have different GPA requirements.). Transfer students must have completed one semester at NDMU before they can apply (some programs have additional requirements.) Because of the time required to obtain transcripts of courses taken abroad, students may not study abroad during their last semester at Notre Dame.

 The Office of International Programs can assist students in planning international study, internships, service, and work abroad programs. Please contact 410-532-5561 or oip@ndm.edu.b 

International Students

Notre Dame values the contribution international students make to the community and welcomes applications from these students. Programs and services for international students include the English Language Institute, orientation, immigration counseling and a voluntary mentor/mentee program. For information on applying as an international student, see the admissions section.  

For more information on international programs at Notre Dame of Maryland University, contact the Office of International Programs at 410-532-5561 or oip@ndm.edu.

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English Language Institute (ELI)

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers an intensive English program to women and men from around the world who seek to improve their English language skills for academic, career, or personal pursuits. International students at Notre Dame are also invited to take courses in the ELI to supplement their learning at the University. Students can study full-time or part-time and take courses in listening and speaking, writing and grammar, reading and discussion, TOEFL preparation, vocabulary, pronunciation, advanced skills through language and culture and other electives. The ELI also offers the TOEFL exam several times a year for students interested in applying to a degree program.  If you are interested in learning more about the ELI, please email eli@ndm.edu or call 410-532-5566.

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