Latin American Studies (Minor)

Anne E. Henderson, Ph.D., Coordinator

The Latin American Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program for students in the Women's College offering students the opportunity to focus on the rich diversity of the Latin American and Caribbean region. The combination of courses in the history, culture, politics, and economics of the region, combined with proficiency in Spanish, enhances student awareness and understanding of this complex area and its people.

The Program is designed for students who wish to specialize in Latin America and those for whom a deeper knowledge of the region would complement careers in business, education, foreign affairs, government, journalism, law, medicine, religion or humanitarian work.

The Minor consists of six courses (18 credits) and must include two courses in Spanish above the General Education Requirement (one skills course, and one literature or culture course). The remaining four courses may be selected from business, economics, history or political science, according to individual interests. No more than two courses applied to the student's Major may be applied to the Latin American Studies Minor.

Study abroad is strongly recommended. No more than two courses toward the Minor may be taken through any one study abroad program. Currently, Notre Dame sponsors a program at the Cuernavaca Universidad Internacional Center for Linguistic and Multicultural Studies. Notre Dame-approved programs in Latin America are CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) sponsored programs in Santiago de Chile (Universidad e Chile y Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile), in Costa Rica (Monteverde), and in Santiago, Dominican Republic (Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra). One study tour to Latin America may count toward the Minor. One course or study tour from any area school participating in the consortium may count toward the Minor, subject to approval by the Notre Dame Minor advisor.

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Program of Study

One skills course in Spanish, chosen from
LSP-233 Spanish for Oral Proficiency
LSP-234 Spanish for Written Proficiency
LSP-301/302 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition I, II

One literature or culture course in Spanish, chosen from
LSP-258 Readings in Hispanic Literature
LSP-310 Survey of Masterpieces in Latin American Literature I
LSP-311 Survey of Masterpieces in Latin American Literature II
LSP-359 Latin American Culture and Civilization
LSP-401 Topics in Spanish
LSP-463 Independent Study

Four courses from the following list
BUS-350 International Business
ECO-307 Comparative Economic Systems
ECO-404 International Economics
ECO-411 Topics in Economics (if related to Latin America)
HIS-252 Latin American History and Politics
HIS/POL-325 Revolution and Terrorism
POL-351 Problems of Developing Nations
POL-370 Honors: Model OAS
POL-440 Global Issues
POL/HIS/LSP-427 Study Tour to Latin America

Independent Study courses in Latin American culture, history, political science, economics or business.

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