Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Educator


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The Post-MSN Nurse Educator Certificate concentrates on developing increased knowledge and skills in a specific area of content for nurses who educate professional nurses in a variety of settings, including classrooms, clinics, simulation sites, laboratories and other learning environments.

Student Outcomes

Students in this Certificate Program will be able to:

  1. Explore the role of nurse educator through a caring science lens;
  2. Combine clinical expertise with nursing education to pursue career opportunities in academic, clinical, and community settings;
  3. Gain the skills and knowledge required to facilitate learning through curriculum design, teaching, evaluation and advisement; and,
  4. Complete a mentored practicum experience examining the educator role, utilizing principles of teaching and learning, implementing educational assessment and evaluating strategies.


Required Courses

          NUR-512 Trends in Nursing Education and Policy (3)
          NUR-513C Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing Grounded in Caring (Certificate) (3)
          NUR-605C Teaching in Nursing Education Seminar and Practicum (Certificate) (3)
          NUR-502 Technology in Nursing Education (3)

          Total Credits: 12


The 12-credit Post-MSN Nurse Educator Certificate is available to students already holding an MSN, DNP, or PhD or currently enrolled in an MSN program at NDMU.