Responsive to Maryland’s statewide initiatives that identify Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as priority content areas, Notre Dame of Maryland University's Master of Arts in Leadership in Teaching: STEM specialization provides content and methodology for teachers of STEM disciplines.

Curriculum (36 Credits)

EDST-502     Application of Design, Technology, and Engineering: Content and Instruction Strategies (3)
EDST-503     Practicum: STEM for Teachers K-8 (3)
EDST-504     STEM Curriculum Development (3)
EDST-508     Technology for STEM Educators (3)
EDU-557      Leadership Seminar I (3)
EDU-567      Learning Theory and Practice (3)
EDU-583      Special Topics in Mathematics Education (3)
ENV-560       Sustainability for Teachers K-8 (3)
PHY-561       Space and Earth Science for Teachers K-8 (3) 
PHY-562       Physical Science for Teachers Prek-8 (3) for Teachers K-8 (3)

ENV 561 Methods of Teaching Interdisciplinary Environmental science
ENV 562 Exploring the Local Environment Field Study
EDST 505 Methods for Teaching STEM in the Early Childhood Classroom (PreK-2)