School of Arts, Sciences and Business

Pamela O'Brien, Ph.D., Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Business

The deep roots of the School of the Arts, Sciences, and Business were first planted with the founding of the University in 1895. The timely and timeless Programs of Study housed within the School support students in the journey toward making a fulfilling life and making a living.

The undergraduate academic Majors of the School serve both traditional and part-time adult learners, and include arts, humanities, social and natural sciences, and business courses. Studies related to the professions, such as medicine, communication, business and law are also delivered in courses offered within the School. Each undergraduate completes a common general education program in liberal arts, the rich foundation of the knowledge of the educated person.

Women's College or College of Adult Undergraduate Studies?

Although many degrees and Majors are offered through both the Women’s College and the College of Adult Undergraduate Studies (CAUS), there are significant differences in their populations and scheduling. To determine whether the Women’s College or CAUS is the most appropriate for you, see the college descriptions under Academic Information.

College of Adult Undergraduate Studies

Women's College



Teaching Certification

Secondary Education Teaching Certification is available in the following Majors.

Joint Degree Programs
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