Catholic Studies (Minor)

Religious Studies Department

Sr. LaReine-Marie Mosely, SND, Ph.D., Program Director
Najeeb Hadaad, Ph.D.
Mari Rapela Heidt, Ph.D.
Fr. John McCloskey, OFM Cap, D.Min., Chaplain

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Main Campus

The Catholic Studies Minor is offered to students in the Women's College. It is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with opportunities to encounter the Catholic intellectual tradition in a variety of academic disciplines, including the arts and literature, the natural and social sciences, and philosophy and theology. Students will engage the wealth and depth of Catholic thought and culture in the past and present, and probe issues of faith, reason and culture raised by the dialogue of Catholicism with other fields of inquiry. Courses in the Minor highlight the distinctive contributions of Catholic intellectuals and scholars and reflect on the challenges facing Catholics in the contemporary world. Students will gain a solid interdisciplinary foundation for understanding the interaction between Catholic faith and culture, as well as for appreciating the richness, diversity, and vitality of the Catholic intellectual mission.

The Minor in Catholic Studies consists of seven courses and 21 credits, including Introduction to Catholic Studies and Seminar in Catholic Studies. Introduction to Catholic Studies will introduce students to the discipline of Catholic Studies, and Seminar in Catholic Studies will serve as a capstone for the specific distribution of courses that each student chooses for her course of study.

A student wishing to Minor in Catholic Studies is encouraged to meet with the Program Coordinator to design an appropriate Program of Study to complement her Major and to receive information about course cycling.