English and Drama (Major, Minor)

English Department

Pamela O'Brien, Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Business
William A. Davis Jr., Ph.D., Chair
Kate Bossert, Ph.D. 
Jeana DelRosso, Ph.D
Margaret Ellen Mahoney, SSND, Ph.D.

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The English Department of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business offers a Major in English and Minors in English and Drama to students in the Women's College. Women's College students may also pursue a preparatory program for secondary certification in English. Students learn to respond to literature with critical thought, understanding, inquiry and imagination, sharing the many experiences recorded in literary works of all genres and periods. They also have an opportunity to develop their own literature through a strong writing program. Around the core of required English courses, each student can construct a Program with an emphasis on either literature or writing, or a balance of both. Special features of the English Department include opportunities in creative writing, drama, and a 10-day theatre trip to London.


The Director of the Academic and Career Enrichment Center places English Majors in elective internships in public relations firms, newspaper offices, schools, law firms and businesses requiring writing, editing and other English-related skills. These internships are available during the fall, spring, summer and Winterim terms.

Students regularly publish their creative work in outside publications. The department chapters of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honor Society, and Alpha Psi Omega, the American Honor Society for Theater, plan theatre excursions, lectures, literature readings, and service projects.

Graduates of the Department have completed advanced degrees at institutions such as the Yale School of Drama, The Johns Hopkins University, the Catholic University of America, the University of Delaware, American University and the University of Pittsburgh. Graduates are employed by a diverse number of organizations such as The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore County Public Schools, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Students may fulfill the General Education Requirement for literature by completing any of the following literature courses: ENG-205, ENG-213, ENG-215, ENG-216, ENG-220, ENG-221, ENG-222, ENG-224, ENG-226, ENG-230, ENG-238, ENG-240, ENG-242, ENG-243, ENG-250, ENG-251, ENG-270H, ENG-275, ENG-309, ENG-310, ENG-313, ENG-314, ENG-315, ENG-316, ENG-317, ENG-318, ENG-319, ENG-320, ENG-321, ENG-323, ENG-324, ENG-327, ENG-347, ENG-360,  ENG-405, ENG-410, ENG-411 and ENG-412 .

English courses that satisfy the General Education Requirement in Cross-cultural Studies are ENG-221, ENG-222, ENG-226, ENG-251, ENG-323, ENG-327 and ENG-410. English courses that satisfy the General Education Requirement in Gender Studies are ENG-243, ENG-275, ENG-318, ENG-412, and ENG-440. Drama courses that satisfy the General Education Requirement in Fine Arts are DRM-240 and DRM-245.

The following Empower and Engage General Education requirements may be met by the Art courses listed:

Thinking Critically and Analytically:  ENG-205, ENG-213, ENG-215, ENG-224, ENG-230, ENG-298, ENG-315, ENG-321 
Artistic Expression:  None
Intercultural Knowledge: ENG-410 
Impact Diversity:  ENG-243, ENG-275, ENG-412 

Students must earn a Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 in all courses taken to complete the requirements of the English Major.

Programs of Study

Required Courses for a Major in English (42 Credits)

       Creative Writing (one course) (3)

       ENG-201 Techniques in the Writing of Verse
       ENG-202 Techniques in the Writing of Short Fiction
       ENG-203 Playwriting
       ENG-207 Techniques in Writing Creative Nonfiction

       American Literature (one course) (3)

       ENG-215 American Literature in the 19th Century
       ENG-216 American Literature in the 20th Century

       Required Courses (three courses) (9)

       ENG-223 Literary Research
       ENG-224 Literary Perspectives I (British Literature to 1800)
       ENG-244 Literary Perspectives II (British Literature in the 19th and 20th Centuries)

       Shakespeare (one course) (3)

       ENG-317 Shakespeare: Chronicles and Comedies
       ENG-319 Shakespeare: Tragedies and Romances

       Required Courses (three courses) (9) 

       ENG-327 Contemporary World Literature
       ENG-452 Senior Seminar
       ENG-453 Literary Interpretation

       Additional Courses(15)

       Five courses in English electives, at least two at the 300- or 400-level (15).

       Students may choose DRM-240 and/or DRM-245 as their 200 electives for either a Major or Minor in English.

Creative Writing Track (42 Credits)

       Nine "core" courses as listed above (27)

       Five additional courses in place of the five elective courses:

       Second Techniques Course (choose one) (3)

       ENG-201 Techniques in the Writing of Verse
       ENG-202 Techniques in the Writing of Short Fiction
       ENG-203 Playwriting
       ENG-207 Techniques in Writing Creative Nonfiction
       COM-101 Introduction to Media Writing

       One workshop (choose one) (3)

       ENG-302 Workshop in Creative Writing
       COM-301 Feature Writing
       COM-314 Reporting and Writing News

       Upper-level genre course (choose one) (3)

       ENG-355 Special Topics in Creative Writing
       ENG-430 The Literary Essay
       ENG-318 Modern and Contemporary Women Dramatists
       ENG-320 Influence and Experiment in Modern Drama
       ENG-405 Modernism in Fiction

       Practicum (choose one) (3)

       ENG-401 Writing Tutorial
       IDS-361 Career Internship

       Elective: One additional course from any of the four options above (3)

Secondary Education Certification: Approved Program in English

Students who wish to prepare for teaching in secondary schools take the required courses for a Major in English. They also take the professional education courses offered by the Education Department. The Education Department requires students also complete English courses in which some adolescent, ethnic and non-Western literatures are taught. The Education Department recommends students complete courses in Drama and Film.

Minor in English

Students who desire a Minor in English complete six English courses beyond ENG-101. Three of the six courses must be at the 300- or 400-level.

Drama Emphasis or Minor

English majors who wish to complete a Drama Emphasis or Minor complete the following seven courses:

       DRM-240 Acting Techniques
       DRM-245 Directing Techniques
       DRM-320 Techniques in Theatre Practice
       ENG-203 Playwriting
       ENG-220 Introduction to Drama
       ENG-318 Modern and Contemporary Women Dramatists, or
       ENG-320 Influence and Experiment in Modern Drama
       DRM-320 Techniques in Theatre Practice (focus in stagecraft area)

Liberal Arts Majors With English Track

Students who desire to Major in Liberal Arts with a track in English may select any courses from English Department offerings.

Four-Year Plan

Below is a sample Program of Study for the English Major. Students should select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

See course descriptions for a list of required courses and description of course and program options.

FallCredits SpringCredits 
First year      
ENG-101 College Writing 3 English elective 3
ENG-215 or 216 3 General Education/Electives 12
General Education/Electives 6 [15 credits]  
NDMU 100 3    
[15 credits]      
Second year      
ENG-224 Lit Perspectives I 3 ENG-223 Literary Research 3
Creative Writing 3 ENG-244 Lit Perspectives II 3
General Education/Electives 9 General Education/Electives 9
[15 credits]   [15 credits]  
Third year      
ENG-317 or 
ENG-319 Shakespeare
3 ENG-453 Lit Interpretation 3
English Elective 3 ENG-327 Contemporary World Lit 3
General Education/Electives 9 General Education/Electives 9
[15 credits]   [15 credits]  
Fourth year      
English elective (300/400-level) 3 ENG-452 Seminar 3
English elective (300/400-level) 3 English elective (300/400-level) 3
General Education/Electives 9 General Education/Electives 9
[15 credits]   [15 credits]