Forensic Psychology (Minor)

Psychology Department

Pamela O'Brien, Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Business
Maria Mouratidis, Psy.D., Chair
Sean Coyne, Ph.D.
Natasha Tonge, Ph.D.

Degrees offered



Main Campus

The Minor in Forensic Psychology develops skills in counseling and communication with diverse populations, including victims and offenders. It is especially advantageous for careers that involve policymaking, community action, social research, or social services.

Required Courses

     CRM-101 Introduction to Criminology (3)
     CRM-203 Theories of Crime and Social Deviance (3)
     PSY-101 Introductory Psychology (4)
     PSY-205 Theories of Personality (3)
     PSY-207 Psychopathology (3)
     PSY-210 Research Methods (4)
     PSY-306 Theories and Techniques of Counseling (4)
     PSY-409 Psychometrics (4)