History (Minor)

History and Political Science Department

Pamela O'Brien, Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Business
Anne E. Henderson, Ph.D.
Jennifer L. Erdman, Ph.D.
David G. Hoovler, Ph.D.

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The Minor in History equips students to analyze and interpret events of the past with the goal of building a better future. It offers a strong grounding in political and cultural history in the United States and the world. The Minor is distinctive for its focus on the role of women in history, as well as issues of justice and peace throughout human history. It offers unique perspectives on historical problems of war, revolution, genocide, racism, religious intolerance, and violence against women, and provides students with experiential learning opportunities to explore the contemporary implications of these issues.

Students must earn a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 in all courses taken to complete the requirements of the History Minor.

The following courses fulfill the general education requirement in Thinking Critically and Analytically: HIS-228 World History Since 1500; HIS-250 History of American Pop Culture.

The following courses fulfill the general education requirement in Understanding and Valuing Diverse Identities and Perspectives: HIS-355 Women and Work.

Programs of Study

Minor in History

The Department offers a Minor in History consisting of a minimum of 18 credits of course work in history. HIS-101 Dynamics of History, HIS-228 World History Since 1500 or HIS-456 Junior/Senior Seminar in History is required. The other courses are chosen in consultation with the department chair. Students who wish to Minor in History should consult the department chair.