Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Social Emotional Learning and Flourishing


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Notre Dame Maryland University is offering a new Post Bachelor’s Certificate (PBC) program in Social Emotional Learning and Flourishing. The program in will be a 15-credit-hour set of online and face-to-face courses that draw from existing curriculum and MA programs within the School of Education. The program will include highly engaging and experiential opportunities while building upon a strong foundation in liberal arts, the Catholic intellectual traditions and social teaching.

This certificate is a stackable credential that is non-residence-based, and aimed at the working professional.

Students will be able to complete the 15- credit-hour certificate efficiently in three (3) semesters. Each course will run for 8 weeks. Courses are offered every year; are developed and offered in an online compressed format; and run 8-weeks during fall and spring semester; and 1-week and 5-week sessions during the summer.

Curriculum (5 courses)

EDGT-501     Affective Characteristics of Diverse Gifted and Talented Learners (3)
EDON-525   The Traumatized Child (3)
EDU-536     Social Emotional Learning and Flourishing (3)
EDUC-511   Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (3)
SPE-524      Positive Behavior Supports (3)


EDGT-501 Affective Characteristics of Diverse Gifted and Talented Learners

Examines the social and emotional well being of gifted and talented students. The role of families, communities and environment and the ways in which they address the needs of those with gifts and talents is researched and discussed. The learning styles of individuals with gifts and talents are discussed. [ 3 credits ]

EDON-525 Traumatized Child

A self-paced or online course, designed to give you an understanding of the framework of and need for creating supportive learning environments for diverse learning polulations. This course is designed to help classroom teachers, school counselors, and other educational personnel gain strategies to reach and teach students who have been affected by stress, trauma, and/or violence. Participants will learn the signs and symptoms of stress and trauma and explore how stress, violence, and trauma affect a student's learning, cognitive brain development, and social-emotional development. The short- and long-term consequences of being exposed to stress, trauma, or violence, as well as the social and family causes, will be reviewed. The dynamics of domestic violence and community violence are also discussed, as is the educator's role in the intervention and prevention of violence. [ 3 credits ] NOTE: This course includes a final case study paper in addition to the assignments in the syllabus.

EDUC-511 Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

This course challenges candidates to evaluate curriculum, pedagogy, and the school environment to determine how curricular and pedagogical choices can reproduce inequalities or promote success for all students. [ 3 credits ]

SPE-524 Topics in Special Education

Considers selected issues in special education. Topics change reflecting developments in the field. [ 3 credits ]