Classical Studies

Four-year Plan

Therese Marie Dougherty, SSND, Ph.D., Coordinator

The classical and modern foreign languages department of the School of Arts and Sciences offers a major and minor in classical studies to students in the Women's College. The program provides special opportunities for personal enrichment through courses related to the ancient Greco-Roman world. Students may choose a major in classical studies with an emphasis in Latin, Greek or classical civilization. They may choose to minor in classical studies or to take elective courses as a supplement to another program of study. Students majoring in the sciences often select classical studies as a minor. Classical studies may be chosen as the primary track or supporting track for a liberal arts degree program.

Students in the classical studies program are strongly encouraged to register for an archaeological study tour of classical sites. These tours may be used to fulfill a requirement in the major or minor. Internships are available at agencies in the Baltimore area and at locations abroad. Majors are accepted into competitive graduate programs and professional positions. See language department listings for course descriptions.

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in all courses taken to complete the requirements of the major.

Program of Study

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Classical studies major

A major in classical studies consists of 13 courses in Latin, Greek, classics, ancient history, art, philosophy and related courses, excluding LLT-101 and LGK-101. Students select from:

Four of the following courses:
LLT/LGK-102 Beginning Latin/Greek II
LLT/LGK-103 Intermediate Latin/Greek I
LLT/LGK-258 Readings in Latin/Greek Literature
LLT-234 Latin Poetry
LLT-308 The Letters of Cicero and Pliny
LLT-334 Roman Drama
LLT-335 Roman Historians
LLT-336 Vergil
LLT-408 Early Christian Writers
LLT-410 Latin Prose Composition
LGK-336 Homer

Eight of the following or other related courses:
Any Latin or Greek courses beyond the four required.
LCL/HIS 303 Women in the Ancient World
LCL-331 The Making and Meaning of Words
LCL-332 Scientific and Specialized Terminology
LCL-371 Classical Mythology
LCL-372 Classical Archaeology
HIS-103 The Ancient World
ART-211 Ancient Art
ART-212 Medieval and Renaissance Art
PHL-303 Ancient Philosophy
PHL-304 Medieval Philosophy
LCO-378 Honors: From Homer to Star Wars
LLT-358 Roman Thought and Culture (offered in College of Adult Undergraduate Studies)
LGK-358 Greek Thought and Culture (offered in College of Adult Undergraduate Studies)
LFN-201 World of Language
LCL/LGK/LLT/LTK-427 Archaeological Study Tours
LCL/LGK/LLT-463 Independent Study
LCL/LGK/LLT-465 Directed Readings
LLT-480 Aspects of Roman Culture

Capstone Experience:
LFN-450 Research Seminar

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Minor In Classical Studies

The classics minor consists of six courses in Latin, Greek or classics or related courses in other departments. LLT-101 or LGK-101 may not be included. At least two of them must be in Latin or Greek above the 102-level. See language department listings for course descriptions.

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Four-Year Plan

Sample program of study for the classical studies major. Students should select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

See course descriptions for a list of required courses and description of course and program options.

Fall Spring 
First year      
LLT-101 Latin I 3 LLT-102 Latin II 3
IDS-100 Perspectives in Education 3 Natural Science 4
ENG-101 College Writing 3 Philosophy (200-level) 3
HIS-103 Ancient World* 3 Social Science 3
Mathematics 3 COM-106 Fund Oral Comm 3
[15 credits]   Physical Education 1
    [17 credits]  
Second year      
LLT-103 Interm Latin 3 LLT-258 Latin Literature  
ART-211 Ancient Art 3 LCL-331 Meaning Words 3
LCL-303 Women of the Ancient World 3 RST-201 Intro to Biblical Studies 3
General Education/Electives 6 LCL-371 Classical Mythology 3
[15 credits]   General Education/Electives 3
    [15 credits]  
Third year      
PHL-303 Ancient Philosophy 3 Latin/Greek Literature 3
LCL-372 Classical Archeology 3 ART-212 Medieval Art 3
LGK-101 Greek I 3 LGK-102 Greek II 3
PHL or RST values course 3 General Education/Electives 6
General Education/Electives 3 [15 credits]  
[15 credits]      
Fourth year      
LLT or LCL-465 Dir Rdgs or LLT or
LCL-463 Independent Study
3 Latin/Greek Literature 3
General Education/Electives 12 LFN-450 Research Seminar 3
[15 credits]   General Education/Electives 9
    [15 credits]  

NOTE: An archaeological study tour is strongly recommended. Early planning is crucial.
*HIS-103 should be completed by the end of sophomore year.

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