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Leslie A. Korb, Ph.D.,  Department Chair
Ademar Bechtold, Ph.D., Program Coordinator


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The International Business major is offered to students in the Women's College. Students completing the major acquire the business, trade, cultural, international affairs, and language skills to become successful leaders in the competitive global marketplace.


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The world of business is changing as national economies merge into an interdependent and global economic system where more firms, large and small, become international in scope. The International Business major provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to deal with the complexities that arise from doing business in different countries. International business students learn how to take advantage of globalization to minimize costs and to maximize value added for their companies. They learn how to evaluate exports, imports, licensing, joint ventures and foreign investment opportunities by gaining knowledge of international trade and investment rules. They also learn how to manage risks associated with international transactions, by learning how to manage payment and foreign exchange risks.

Students who complete the International Business major think globally about employment, production, sales, and investment. They apply business techniques and theories adopted by global enterprises to assess the current global trade and investment environment and its links to the political economy and the global monetary system. Graduates will be able to communicate and work effectively with people in other countries and cultures, as well as to formulate international business plans. They will be models of cross-cultural awareness through teaching, scholarship, and community outreach - with special emphasis on culture, ethics, and business practices and protocols in different countries.

Knowledge of international business has become important in several fields, including public relations, human resources, marketing, advertising, finance, and management. Students with an international business degree have many employment opportunities. These include marketing manager, brand manager, global logistics manager, project manager, public relations specialist, training specialist, labor relations manager, human resource manager, financial analyst, sales manager, import/export agent, entrepreneur, and management analyst.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the International Business Major.

Program of Study

Required Courses for a Major in International Business 

       BUS-202 Principles of Management (3)
       BUS-203 Principles of Marketing (3)
       BUS-225 Data Analysis for Business Decisions (3)
       BUS-253 Financial Accounting (3)
       BUS-321 Corporate Financial Management (3)
       BUS-334 Teamwork and Negotiation (3)
       BUS-350 International Business (3)
       BUS-442 International Finance (3)
       BUS-450 International Business Capstone (3)
       ECO-211 Introduction to Macroeconomics or ECO-212 Introduction to Microeconomics (3) 
       ECO-404 International Economics (3)
       POL-103 Introduction to International Affairs (3)
       POL-351 Problems of Developing Nations or POL-440 Global Issues (3)
       POL-401 Political and Economic Globalization (3)
       Foreign language skill level: one course beyond the general education requirement (3)
       Study Aboard, short term study tour or internship (3-4)

Computer Competency

A computer competency is required. A student may demonstrate this competency by one of two methods: completing CST-130 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications (or a comparable course) or earning a passing score of 70% on the CST-130 Challenge Exam.

International Business Majors must fulfill the General Education Math Requirement with MAT-103 Applied Algebra, College Algebra or MAT-211 Calculus.

Four-Year Plan

Below is a sample Program of Study for the International Business major. Students should select courses with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

Fall Spring 
First year      
BUS-105 or elective 3 ECO-211 or ECO-212 3
General Education/Electives 6 Foreign language 102 3
POL-103 3 General education/Electives 6
Foreign language 101 3 [15 credits]  
[15 credits]      
Second year      
BUS-253 3 BUS-225 3
BUS-302 3 BUS-303 3
POL-351 and General Education 6 General Education/Electives 6
Foreign language 103 3 Foreign language 200 level 3
[15 credits]   [15 credits]  
Third year      
BUS-321 3 BUS-350 3
BUS-334 3 BUS-442 3
Internship or study tour 3 General Education/Electives 9
General Education/Electives 6 [15 credits]  
[15 credits]      
Fourth year      
POL-401 3 ECO-404 3
BUS-442 3 BUS-450 3
General Education/Electives 9 General Education/Electives 9
[15 credits]   [15 credits]  

Note: For course descriptions, see listings in Business, Economics, and Political Science Catalog sections.


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