Peace and Justice Studies (Minor)

History and Political Science Department

Pamela O'Brien, Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Business
Anne Henderson, Ph.D., Department Chair

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The Peace and Justice Studies Minor is offered to students in the Women's College. It is an interdisciplinary program that studies non-violent paths to justice, equity, fairness and respect.

In addition to fostering an understanding of the roots of violence and inequity, Peace and Justice Studies also teaches antidotes to violence and inequity. It leads to recognition of the roles of greed, hatred, fear, separation and objectification in promoting violence and inequitable relations. It directs the student to increased awareness of opportunities to act as a more responsible global citizen.

A Minor in Peace and Justice Studies can benefit students in a variety of careers including political science, public policy, the law, religion, counseling, conflict resolution, environmental issues, sociology, journalism, communication, history and ethics.


The Peace and Justice Studies Minor consists of six courses (18 credits), including a 3-credit required Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies as well as a required 3-credit Senior Seminar. The remaining course requirements are one course devoted to roots of and antidotes to violence (violence and conflict resolution), one course focused on the roots of and antidotes to inequity (inequity and social justice), one course focused on earth sustainability, and an experiential learning course.

A student wishing to declare a Peace and Justice Studies Minor is encouraged to meet with the Program Coordinator or Department Chair to design an appropriate course of study and to receive more detailed information on courses and course cycling.

Program of Study

       Required Courses

       IDS-160/HIS-160 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
       IDS-450 Seminar Experience: Peace and Justice Studies
       Experiential Learning Course — (consult with Program Coordinator)

       One course on violence and conflict resolution:

       HIS-200 Age of Genocide
       HIS-340 History of the Holocaust
       HIS/POL-325 Revolution and Terrorism
       HIS-402 Women, War and Peace
       HIS-404 United States Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
       IDS-471 Honors: Politics and Ethics of War and Peace
       POL-430 International Organizations and World Politics
       RST-304 Christian Social Ethics
       RST-345 Justice and Peace

       One course on inequity and social justice:

       HIS/POL-290 Women in Islamic Societies
       PHL-322 Social and Political Philosophy
       PHL-323 Feminist Philosophy
       PHL-324 Critical Theories of Race
       POL-351 Problems of Developing Nations
       POL-401 Political and Economic Globalization
       RST-411H Catholic Women Theologians

       One course on Earth and sustainability:

       BUS-436 Socially Responsible and Sustainable Business Practices
       ENV-120 Earth’s Biosphere
       ENV-121 Earth’s Physical Spheres
       ENV/PHL-336 Environmental Ethics
       POL-440 Global Issues